From old-school turntables to Mac Miller tribute shows, Casual T knows no boundaries. A genre-bending act with a palpable charisma on-stage and in the studio, the versatile producer is back with his stunning new single “Transcendence.” During his brief hiatus, Casual T wasn’t waiting around for inspiration. Rather, he was refining and streamlining a fresh new sound that moves away from love songs and dives into the emotional bravado that makes EDM, EDM. “Transcendence” is the first single in a series of many to come in 2021, and it doesn’t come up short. Intentionally brooding soundscapes collide with pop-oriented tones and big-room nuances. The song guides you in from its very first chord and keeps you hooked until it spits you back out hypnotized under an electrically-charged spell. Textured with layers of dizzying synths, fierce drum kicks, and echoing vocal samples, “Transcendence” is an independent release that marks a new era for Casual T.

“Transcendence represents a bridge between the Lovers? EP and the future of Casual T. I’m moving away from writing love songs and closer toward capturing the visceral, powerful emotions that make electronic music so exciting. Transcendence is about letting go of the toxic people and habits that stop you from being your best self.  It is about growing greater than you had thought possible and coming into your own. It’s about transcending and becoming who you are meant to be” – Casual T