Prime Social Group is the fastest-growing full-scale production and promotions company in the US – producing over 1,200 events around the world since its inception (over 200,000 tickets sold in 2019). The company is based in Columbus Ohio with offices in New York, LA, and an Artist Management division in Nashville.

We recently we had an opportunity to catch up with Co-Founder, Music Mogul and Entrepreneur Zach Ruben on Breakaway Music Festival one of the top music festivals in the country and its up and coming visit to Charlotte, NC.

This is what he shared up with us.

How did you get into the music industry and more so, why is music important to you?

I started promoting parties in college and always liked curating events whether it was the Halloween or Spring Fest or just the pregame. I’ve always liked finding music first and curating playlists and even went as far as having a little DJ career of my own for a few years starting senior year of college.

With so many festivals across the globe today, in your eyes what makes Breakaway stand out among the rest?

I think what makes Breakaway unique is the markets and venues in which we are positioned in and the calibre of talent we are bringing to these locations for what we believe to be a super affordable ticket price.

From start to present, what has been the most challenging aspect behind creating Breakaway Music Festival as the recognized product it is today?  What has been the most rewarding?

I think the most challenging aspect has been maintaining unique and quality line ups with the current landscape of festival saturation amongst the US. It seems there are new festivals popping up everywhere and artists are bending radius clauses to try to play as many shows as they can so trying to stay diverse and unique is a constant challenge but I do believe that is what makes us stand out amongst others is our multi genre and unique programming.

How did you envision Breakaway from the beginning and where do you see it going in years?

We definitely did not envision Breakaway being a national brand and in multiple markets from the start but that is where Its surely going.

With Breakaway in Charlotte less then 12 days away, what can people expect from the event and who are you personally looking forward to seeing?

This is going to be a special one. This is our first year hosting Breakaway at The Charlotte Motor Speedway zMax Dragway and Its a unique venue and gives us immense opportunity to grow the festival here. I am most personally looking forward to The Chainsmokers as Its a full circle with those guys. I was booking them straight out of college for like $500 a night when they were just getting their start in 2012 and now almost 10 years later they are headlining our largest festival.

In Closing: 

Break Away Music Festival is simply one of the top music festivals in the county. On a personal note we can’t wait to rave with the hometown crowd of Charlotte, NC.

Take it from someone who has traveled the world experiencing the music festivals, Break Away Music Festival is one of my all time favorites so come and check it out with us.

As a business owner and entrepreneur I have to say that it was an honor to have the chance to interview Zach Ruben. Ruben’s vision and foresight to put together some of the biggest music events in the world is not an easy challenge to take on, a challenge that he and his Co-Founder Adam Lynn have put together to perfection.

One thing is for sure, the Prime Social team does not disappoint, if you are in Charlotte, NC come out and party with me and the Raver Mag. Team. Get your tickets today by visiting Prime Social:


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