chae Reveals Lead Single “Make You” Ahead of Debut EP

    Having spent the past couple of years working tirelessly to craft a synthesis of dreamy soundscapes and alternative R&B, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Chelsea De Silva – alias chae – is pleased to announce the forthcoming arrival of her debut EP, Letters I’ll Never Write, on June 24th, 2022. Today, the multifaceted talent released the EP’s lead single, “Make You,” a soft R&B cut that channels feel-good ‘90s nostalgia. Known for lending her vocals on prominent EDM tracks, chae is preparing to tell her own story and carve her own lane in the music space solo. “Make You” is due for release on February 22nd across all streaming platforms.

    For long, chae lurked in the background of the dance music circuit, making a subtle, yet mighty impact with her poignant lyricism and deep, sultry vocals. Her talent and insatiable drive caught the attention of fast-rising producers and landed her on several popular releases, including William James and yetep’s 2018 collab “Light Up The Way,” and Rome In Silver’s “Friends” off his debut 2020 Monstercat EP, Forever Flame. Realizing that she had more to offer the world, she took a year-long hiatus to hone in on how she wished to tell her story, her way. “Make You” serves as the lead single off her forthcoming debut EP, Letters I’ll Never Write, a raw 6-track collection of self-reflection, reconnaissance, and growth. With “Make You,” chae chips away at an anecdotal tale of unrequited love and plunges into a whirlpool of self-reflection and acceptance. The soulful cut introduces her manic highs and unfolding layers of hurt and betrayal, juxtaposed with a stripped-back feel-good dose of R&B courtesy of Asian-American producer kaiyo.

    Speaking on her creative alias and the inspiration behind her forthcoming EP, she says, “chae is an identity that’s a part of all of us. She holds the tides of emotions, embodies feminine duality, but most importantly, she is an artistic expression of a young heart coming to age and finding herself. This EP is a memoir of one of the most meaningful chapters of my life thus far. It carries the love, the pain, the growth; the understanding, and gratitude to everything that life offers with no guarantees. Letters I’ll Never Write is a promise to myself, but also a learned fact that sometimes, more often than not, words are never enough.”

    “Make You” marks the beginning of a new era of chae. Through her alias, she meets us with the strength to explore brighter days and heartbreak on her own. Finding limitless power through her quest to unlock her divine femininity, her forthcoming EP sees her claim her space and set herself free.

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