Chicane Unveils Highly Anticipated Ninth Studio Album ‘Nevertheless’

    Chicane Unveils Highly Anticipated Ninth Studio Album ‘Nevertheless’

    Renowned English producer Chicane, known for creating some of the most iconic dance tracks of our time, has returned to Modena Records via Armada Music with his long-awaited ninth studio album, titled ‘Nevertheless.’ With seven pre-released singles generating excitement among legacy fans and industry insiders, the album offers a captivating journey into Chicane’s signature downtempo-leaning soundscapes. Featuring thirteen tracks, including notable collaborations, ‘Nevertheless’ showcases Chicane’s ability to craft mesmerizing sonic tapestries that transport listeners into a blissful state of musical euphoria.

    A Sonic Journey:

    ‘Nevertheless’ delves deep into the sonic realm that has made Chicane a revered figure in the dance music scene. The album weaves together dreamy soundscapes and captivating melodies, creating an immersive experience for the listener. Chicane’s masterful production skills shine throughout the thirteen-track opus, which features collaborations with esteemed artists such as Paul Aiden, The Mannequin, and the dancefloor-ready production duo C-Systems and Hanna Finsen.

    Chicane’s Vision for the Album:

    In anticipation of the album’s release, Chicane shares his excitement about the journey that ‘Nevertheless’ offers to listeners. He expresses his hope that people will listen to the album in its entirety, from start to finish, to fully appreciate the intended experience. Chicane’s artistic vision and meticulous attention to detail shine through each track, inviting fans to embark on a sonic adventure that reflects the artist’s personal journey and growth.

    Track List Highlights:

    The album’s tracklist showcases the diverse range of sounds and emotions encapsulated within ‘Nevertheless.’ From the mesmerizing opener, “In One Ear & Out The Other,” to the heartfelt collaboration with Paul Aiden on the title track, “Nevertheless,” Chicane’s musical prowess is on full display. Other standout tracks include “All This Time Alone” featuring The Mannequin, the uplifting “Summer In E Major,” and the atmospheric interlude aptly titled “Interlude.” The album’s closing track, “Mass Bloom Beach,” provides a sublime conclusion to the auditory voyage.

    Chicane’s Legacy and Achievements:

    Chicane’s contributions to the electronic music genre are immeasurable, solidifying his status as a seminal Trance originator. The groundbreaking track “Offshore” established Chicane’s reputation as a purveyor of cool in the dance music scene, and subsequent releases like “Saltwater” and the collaboration with Bryan Adams, “Don’t Give Up,” achieved global success and became dancefloor classics. Chicane’s versatility as a producer is evident in his collaborations with renowned artists such as Cher, Sir Tom Jones, and Natasha Bedingfield, as well as his work in composing music for TV and film.

    With the release of ‘Nevertheless,’ Chicane reaffirms his position as a true icon in the dance music realm. The album’s enchanting blend of downtempo sounds, evocative melodies, and notable collaborations showcases Chicane’s ability to create musical journeys that resonate with listeners on a profound level. As fans eagerly delve into the sonic tapestries of ‘Nevertheless,’ Chicane’s latest offering is poised to captivate both longtime admirers and newcomers alike, solidifying his enduring legacy in the world of electronic music.

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