UK producer and DJ Chime teams up with Sharks for “Water Elemental,” a scintillating collaboration included on Sharks’ forthcoming EP of the same name. Out now on Disciple  with an official music video, “Water Elemental” fuses the abilities of both artists for an alluring joint effort. 

Joining buoyant chord progressions with liquefied soundscapes, “Water Elemental” is a dynamic venture through the eclectic complex of colour bass. A shimmering coalescence of sound, the tune’s aqueous melodies and deafening basses are a testament to both artists’ versatility and dedication to the craft. Pixelated storms of searing synths and dulcet tones brew throughout “Water Elemental” as Chime and Sharks flex their evident production prowess with each passing second. Flooded with twinkling trills, rushing fluidity, and bubbling basslines, “Water Elemental” radiates the irresistible allure colour bass holds. 

“Sharks has developed his sound a ton over the past few years since his EP release on Rushdown and it’s been a joy to hear him really come into his own with his unique signature sound. “Water Elemental” acts as a celebration of the liquid sound design we’ve both been developing recently which culminates into the most watery dubstep tune you’ll ever hear!” – Chime