Chocolate Puma – Exclusive Interview  by Kylie Parham RaverMag:  What influenced you to start making music? Gaston: When I first heard electronic music back in the 80’s I didn’t know what it was but it fascinated me, what are these noises? And not long after that someone at my school had a synthesizer and then I realized these records are made with equipment like that. So I was like “I want to make this”. That’s how I was interested in electronic music. René: Yeah for me, I was already DJing before electronic music was born. I wanted to be a musician so I tried guitar, keys, sing, drums but it didn’t work out. So then we had the first house records and they were made with sequencers and computers. I bought some equipment and started fooling around until we met and then it got serious. Catch the entire interview and the latest on Chocolate Puma Coming Soon to the November Edition of Raver Mag.   Check Out – Chocolate Puma & Tommie Sunshine – Take The Ride [OUT NOW]

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