chris-bekker-berlinition-3 Editorial – Chris Bekker Raver Magazine Album of the Month Chris Bekker – Berlinition Release Date: July 15 Label: VANDIT Records Chris Bekker’s debut album “Berlinition” is a gripping, sixty-minute journey through the bowels of Berlin. From the first seconds of the introductory track ‘Heimat B’, Bekker weaves a soundscape resonating with equal measures of hope and trepidation. Bekker has spent the last 18 months dropping intoxicating tracks that hinted at a long-player release, and the result is nothing short of a polished masterpiece. Collaborations with Paul van Dyk and Chris Montana, Tricia McTeague, Sequ3l, and Pagano deliver carefully planned tweaks to the Bekker formula without taking hold of the reins. This is very much Bekker’s statement to the world of house, trance, tech, and progressive dance music; and it’s undoubtedly a strong one. With a professional portfolio crediting him as a sound architect for Mercedes-Benz, resident DJ of the sultry KitKat Club in Berlin, and soundtracker for fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, Bekker’s freshmen effort is a love letter to audiophile pioneers like Giorgio Moroder. Bekker ably captures the spirit of trance, simultaneously stripping it down to its most basic before conversely laying down subtle melodies that elevate his tracks to spiritual levels of synchronicity. Anyone who grew up fascinated by the electronic language of EDM will find something to love on ‘Berlinition’.   chris-bekker-cap]]]]> ]]>