Cimo Fränkel [Exclusive Interview] Never Give Up Out Now!!!

by Charlotte Vosbeck

With ADE on the run this week, we find ourselves listening to another amazing producer from Amsterdam. Singer, songwriter and producer Cimo Fränkel just dropped his new single ‘Never Give Up.’ To say the least this track is moving; it is almost mesmorizing to a large degree. The vocals take to you a higher place that you simply never want to leave. I had the opportunity to catch up with Cimo for an interview this past week. This is what he shared up with us at Raver Mag.   Raver Mag. What inspired you to make the move to start your solo career? Do you feel like your work as a producer will give you a deeper insight into being a better solo artist? I have always been a solo artist deep down. Some songs just feel so special to me that I treat them as my babies. My material, I have to release it myself. Being on tour with Armin also helped, I love the stage as much as writing. Especially with my own records. Being a producer definitely helps, a producers role is also often knowing what the artist wants. I am the artist in this case. Raver Mag. Have you always wanted to go in the direction of being a solo artist? Yes, when I was in kindergarten they would ask: “what do you wanna become when you are older?” most kids would say a firefighter or an astronaut I shouted: “I wanna become Michael Jackson!” Raver Mag. I know you’ve co-produced/co-wrote huge hits such as ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Sex’, but what has been your favorite track that you helped produce? My favorite track I produced is Fantasy by Bone Thugs. They were almost the only thing I would listen to in middle school. I was a big fan and could rap along to most of their songs. It was really an honor to work with these legends. Raver Mag. What does your first single, ‘Never Give Up’, mean to you? Have you been working on it for awhile? ‘Never Give Up’ is actually my second single, following after ‘Occasional Love’. I never spend too much time on a song. From beginning to end it probably was over a year but they were always short sessions. That way I don’t lose my inspiration for it and I won’t overthink it.     Raver Mag. When starting to write and produce your own tracks, what artists have inspired your work?  Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac and other 80’s and 90’s pop artists. Raver Mag. Besides your hometown of Amsterdam, what is your favorite city in the world?  Where were you when you were working on “Never Give Up’? I have been so many places and all have their charm. I really like the scenery of Shanghai! Los Angeles is starting to feel as a second home and Rome has a beautiful cinematic feel. I started working on ‘Never Give Up’ in Berlin, that is also where I ended up shooting the video. Raver Mag. What has been your favorite part about working in music? Not having to work in an office! And the fact that everyday is a different day with new inspiration. It’s never the same Raver Mag. What are some goals you have for your solo career within the next couple of years? Do you plan to help produce and write songs for other artists as well?   I would love to show the world my more “special” songs. I really love pop, but I also very much enjoy to release all boundaries on writing, producing and singing something really out of the box. I am always going to be writing and producing for other artists I love that just as much. Raver Mag. Can we expect some more great songs like ‘Never Give Up’ soon? Yes! I mean I hope you will find them as good but I am very excited about my next releases. Raver Mag. If you could have lunch with anyone that has worked in the music industry, past or present, who would it be and why? Quincy Jones, I wanna know everything about how Michael Jackson’s Thriller album came about.

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