Creating tracks without concessions in his new musical journey Exclusive Interview with Dutch DJ and Producer Quentyn

by Kristine Kennedy

Dutch Producer and DJ Quentyn has been steadily building a name for himself since he started creating music and producing electronic music back in the day. Starting his worldwide career as part of DJ-duo Volt & State in 2012, Dutch producer and artist Quirijn Smits, has been releasing music since 2008 and is known for creating progressive house hits like Sandcastles and Warriors After Volt & State announced their parting in 2016, the young talent decided to move forward as solo producer and released his first track Moving On feat. Robin Vane in June of this year. Working mostly from his own studio in the Netherlands, the Dutch producer Quentyn is eager to develop and discover his own sound. One that perhaps isnt easily to pin down, but surely is able to move fans around the globe. Being one half of the massive progressive DJ-duo Volt & State in the past, touring the globe and releasing tracks on several labels, the solo producer now wants to focus on music from within, creating tracks without concessions in his new musical journey.

Quentyn is rapidly building his solo project with continuous support from the likes of Hardwell, Don Diablo and Nicky Romero amongst others. Receiving playlist support from Spotify and Martin Garrix from the start, Quentyns productions have proven to leave no one unaffected. The Dutch producer has previously released on labels like Protocol Recordings, Armada Music, Spinnin Records and Revealed and is now building a catalogue on his own label Enroute Records With many more releases set on the horizon, Quentyn is evolving as musician, producer and artist. And although his progressive house roots will always remain a starting point, the young talent aims to explore more indie and electro sounds in the future:

I’m moving on to experiment with all sorts of different music genres, whilst staying true to the melody.

Former half of global DJ duo Volt&State, Quentyn goes solo and drops new track ‘Home Tonight’ on his own label Enroute Records.

Raver Mag. had an opportunity to catch up with Quentyn this is what he shared up with us:

RM: The Raver Mag team is totally digging your new track, “Home Tonight.” Can you tell us how this groovy new track came together? Thanks, that’s great to hear! I started with the bassline on my guitar; from there I created the chords with a simple piano sound. I wanted to make a groovy track with happy vibes, but also have some deeper emotional chords at the same time. I was happy with the way this combination came together. My idea was to make an electronic track but still having the accents on the acoustic elements, and create some kind of crossover between house and band music. I wanted the song to have a bit of an unusual arrangement with only one long break instead of the common break – drop – break – drop structure. RM: You recently embarked on a solo career. Where do you see yourself in a year from now? Five? I hope in five years I would have developed myself into making all kinds of different genres whilst staying true to the melody. I also want to build my label Enroute Records.   RM: Talk to us about your new-found vision? How do you think the move from a duo to a solo artist has helped to shape your future career?  Announcing our retirement from Volt & State brought me less pressure and more freedom in expressing myself music-wise. I think we were (unconsciousness) producing in a certain direction because of always thinking about what label to release our tracks on. Also while making music I was visualizing how the crowd would dance to our tracks and thinking about how to keep the energy-flow high during the entire song. It feels great not having to worry about this and just make whatever I like when I’m in the Studio.   RM: Who are your mentors in this industry? Who would you most like to work with on a future project? I’m grateful to get feedback from people like Nicky Romero (although we aren’t with Protocol anymore). I’ve always been impressed by Axwell’s production skills, so he would definitely be the highest on my list of dream-collabs.   RM: Can we expect some touring in the future?  I’m mainly focusing on making music at the moment, but I wouldn’t exclude touring in the near future.   RM: Can you describe your signature sound in one sentence? I’m more likely to say I have a signature way in my way of making music. I’m always starting from a melody (made with a simple piano or guitar sound), instead of sound-shaping. I think this also creates some kind of handwriting into my productions. For now I’m exploring the crossover between (Progressive-) house and band/indie music. It’s more down-tempo, more 80s inspired synths and with less electronic elements.   RM: We ask this question of all the Dutch producers and DJ’s and we have to know – old cheese or new cheese? What’s your favorite? I love new cheese, but I always try to keep away from the cheese in music ;)!     ]]>