Crooked Colours are Good as Gold

By Sophia Roca-Joseph

Liam Merrett-Park, Leon Debaughn and Phillip Slabber make up the dynamic trio Crooked Colors. All the way from Australia, these fresh faces have made a breakthrough with their mix of indie and electronic tracks. Starting off their careers as house Dj’s, It wasn’t long before they were skyrocketing as a trio. From sharing the stage with icons in the business such as Flume and Rufus de Soul to having a sold out national tour, these guys definitely have all the pizzazz you need in a group. Recently, Crooked Colors just dropped a new album titled “Langsta”, meaning they are here to play and stay ladies and gentleman. So If you haven’t checked them out yet… what are you doing? 

Go to Song when You are having a bad day? 

Phillip began by stating he usually listens to “folky” type music and “shaky graves”. They all joined in stating that the music they choose to put on when they feel gloomy is “far” from the music they create. Liam gave a big smile before stating that Louis Armstrong is a big go-to for him when he is feeling down. 

Any pre-show rituals? 

Phillip began the conversation by asking me if I had ever seen The Office…. I smiled really big and gave a hell yeah. He continued by stating that they must do the three-way secret handshake where they suck each other’s pinkies. They all went in for it to demonstrate it for me and I could not help but just laugh my ass off.  At this point I am fully entertained by the way this conversation was going. “We have to do it before every show… one time we almost didn’t do it and we had to delay the show.” 

When making music, is there a certain feeling you have in mind that you want your audience to feel? 

“Each song has a different vibe, but we never got into a song with one specific thing in mind” Leon starts off. Phillip continues with “that moment of excitement where you think… wow this is sick.. “ 

Do you get any inspiration from other artists? 

We come from three different backgrounds and listen to a lot of different music so we pull things from everywhere Phillip states. Liam continues with saying that being an artist if you say you do not get your inspiration from others then it’s kind of bullshit because subconsciously we all are inspired by those around us. Leon jokingly says that when writing a song a common thought process is “I feel like someone has already written this song before.” 

Most awkward thing that’s happened to you while on tour? 

Phillip answers by saying that there is something that is reoccurring. It has happened to us a couple of times actually which is very bizarre. Where a girl with a shirt on in the front row about two songs in will flash her tits. But she won’t just flash them she will leave them out… for the whole show. It always seems to happen early on and then for the next eleven songs, her tits will just be out. She just stands there with no shirt on for the whole show. 

Any upcoming projects you guys would like to talk about? 

We are definitely on a roll at the moment especially with our new album that just dropped in May.  I think we are all extremely invested right now. We want to just keep writing new music and definitely come out with a third album soon. 

What is your favorite thing to see in the crowd while you are performing? 

People having a good time of course, it is always such a great feeling when we can feel the good energy in the crowd. We love to see people on each other’s shoulders, sometimes you get people stacking like three people high…that is commitment. There is nothing worse than seeing a dead crowd, especially when you see someone yawning… you think to yourself “well shit, what am I doing wrong?”