German brothers Inpetto made their way into the heart of New York during Memorial Day weekend on Bounce Boat with Mix Mash Records. Unfortunately, Dirk was feeling ill right before and was unable to attend but we had the opportunity to sit down with Marco exclusively after finishing off an extremely energized set. We’ve had them on our radar for a while here at Raver Magazine so it was amazing to be able to catch up on their tour life and new music they have in store for us.
Your recent collaboration with Tai “Fire”  also features vocals from Ezee. Where did you get the inspiration for this track? It is a different track, it was planned as a cover version, we ran into some problems so we kicked out the original vocals and then we added new vocals with a German guy called Tai. It was a pretty cool coincidence. How long did it take for Inpetto to finish this new track? This track took a bit longer – about 2 weeks. In between working on the track we always worked on different projects, then every two days we would come back to work on it a little bit. So it was technically finished over two months but the actual work process took about two weeks. Who started DJing first? My brother started first, I think it was 1993. I started 2 years but just as a hobby, then we started producing our own tracks.  Then in 1999 we had our first release‘Brahmaputra/Back to Europe’ and it was pretty successful in the UK.  This was the point that we made music our profession and started to do DJ gigs.  The Inpetto brothers are very popular in the UK but are they well received in the United States? Yes, since our last release ‘Fire’ we have become very popular in the US. Especially with the help of MixMash as our Record Label and the hosts of Bounce Boat.  MixMash has provided this opportunity for Inpetto to play on Bounce Boat this Memorial Day Weekend, how was your set experience on Bounce Boat? The set was insane! The people went crazy, I didn’t expect it to be honest but it was really cool set. What is a regular day for you guys? Hobbies? Or are you both always working? Work is our first priority. For Marco it is videography. I always have a camera in my hand, filming, and at the end I will cut everything, put it together and put music under it it. Our track ‘Million Miles’ actually includes footage of our vacation in the music video. You did that yourself? Yes! Wow, that’s amazing. So would you continue doing that if you stopped being a DJ? Yes probably…yes. It is something you can do to probably create something different than music but it is also creativity with out the pressure. You can make that when you want to. Dirk’s hobbies are taking road trips. He’ll sit down six months before a trip, planning everything out. The most amazing trip he planned was from Las Vegas to LA, we visited Yellowstone National Park with 6 of our guys stuffed into a camper, it was really fun! What is next for Inpetto? The summer is mainly dominated by studio work for Inpetto. We also have side projects we are very excited to be working on, and our fans will be seeing us around at some festivals in Germany.  Are majority of Inpetto’s gigs booked in Europe? Sometimes, so so.  We also have worked in South America and in the U.S.  What is your most favorite venue you have played at so far?

The Bootshaus in Germany. We performed at a private Mixmash party, and we played in front of DOD and Laidback Luke. It is definitely one our favorite club to go to! It is nothing typical of Germany, the people get crazy and even start up mosh pits! It’s absolutely insane. 

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