By Allison Scherer

Join us for the thrill of welcoming back Kansas’s Dancefestopia as the festival season makes a much anticipated come-back! Making our way from Dallas, Texas, we are raging over the stupendous array of artists we have been itching to see since the pandemic wedged its way into our lives. Could this be the time of opportunity to see leaked previews of Rezz’s new content? Space mom has us held mercilessly at the edges of our seats since her last comment of creating a whole new wave of new music that is considered to be “actually overwhelming building a future tour set”. We can only hope she’ll come to either publish said music or perhaps make a bewitching performance and pass the material live to her loyal fans. It’s sure to be dark and enticing as all her previous works such as Diluted Brains and Relax which never failed to leave the skin crawling in such a satisfying and oddly alluring way. Such pieces are a must to experience at the festival! Over on a much different vibe, we itch for the widely spoken Griz and his and his fiery take on EDM. A perfect, twangy blend of what is known as “future funk” and what I personally perceive as new-generation jazz, Mr. Kwiecinski soothes the ears and implores the grooves, hips, and nods of all who should dare to listen. I mean, come on, one title: Griztronics. Enough said. Speaking of…tronics… Subtronics, a delightful friend in our head banging and neck-breaking neighborhood of dubstep fanatics will also be a natural magnet for some rage-stomping fun. Gather all the Pashminas for I truly hope to hear Pashmina Death Sauce as it would positively floor me and I can pass away happily for the tribute of our trendy attires.

Dancefestopia | Kansas City | Lineup

My traveling companion Candice has a few words of her own in means of our approaching trip:

“I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for this opportunity! Dancefestopia will be my second festival ever! The line up is absolutely insane. I think I am most excited for Zed’s Dead, Rezz, and 12th Planet! (And of course the good vibes.) I’ve also never traveled to Kansas before so this is going to be an all-around adventure!”

You heard her folks, the time is nigh! No more waiting! We’re amped and ready for this amazing reunion. All you fellow artists, show us what you’ve been working on. We know you won’t disappoint. And from all ravers around, we all would simply like to say: welcome back. We’ve miss you.