Dance With Hardwell By Maddy Pertiwi Photo Credit ISMAYA Live After three years, Hardwell returned to Jakarta for his I Am Hardwell – United We Are tour. Thousands of ravers came to Carnival Beach in Ancol, Jakarta to watch him perform. Hardwell didn’t come alone, Kill The Buzz accompanied him as his opening act. hardwell-4 A long queue was already formed by nine p.m. when the gates finally opened. True to form, the merchandise booth was immediately packed with ravers who wanted to buy a token from the I Am Hardwell – United We Are tour in Jakarta. Around eleven p.m., Kill The Buzz kicked off the night. Through Electro tracks, Kill The Buzz built the crowd’s anticipation. Slowly, the people filled the area in front of the stage. Then the audience started shouting out Hardwell’s name. There was an air of great anticipation as we couldn’t wait for him to emerge. Finally, the LED screen showed the opening visuals of I Am Hardwell. The crowd called out his name over and over until he finally appeared. “United We Are” was the first track Hardwell dropped. For three hours, the crowd sang together when Harwell performed “Apollo”, “Never Say Goodbye”, “Arcadia” and “Young Again”. He also played his collaboration tracks such as “Colors” (collaborated with Tiesto) and “Off The Hook” (collaborated with Armin Van Buuren). Hardwell also remixed some old tracks from Eiffel 65 called “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”. It was pure energy. The crowd sang along with him when he played a track from Linkin Park called “In The End”. As if that wasn’t enough, he also dropped his remix of “A Sky Full Of Stars” from Coldplay. The crowd took out their smartphones and turned on their flashlights, which made the venue appear to be a sea of stars. The show went on for a full three hours. For the last fifteen minutes of his performance, Hardwell played Hardstyle tracks and made the crowd dance at 150 BPM. The tracks Hardwell chose represented his style of music and highlighted his experimentation with new sounds. To the delight of everyone there, Hardwell wore an Indonesian sports jersey with his name written on the back, a gift from one of his fans during the meet and greet. The show was complemented with 3D animation visuals that gave Harwell’s performance a futuristic vibe. The fireworks display and the pyro were also amazing. Hardwell’s performance ended, but the party wasn’t over. The after party continued at Colosseum Club where Kill The Buzz performed once again. The crowd still full of energy, especially when Hardwell made a brief appearance to address his fans. The party only ended when the sun rose.