Dave Neven The newest member of the Coldharbour team Interview by: RobRoyLA Avalon Nightclub Hollywood California Becoming a well-known Producer/DJ is not an easy thing to do. Many find it easy to put together sounds they think work well together, but in reality they don’t. Reaching the apex – playing at one of the world’s top nightclubs or playing on the main stage at some of the world’s biggest festivals – doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and years of crafting your sound for your audience and some good fortune plus countless hours of listening to different sounds and melodies. It requires marketing and networking and the right connections to put you on the EDM media map. Dave Neven has overcome all these hurdles. The Chicago native has signed with (SMG) Schulz Music Group. Dave is the also the most recent artist member to be added to the Coldharbour Recordings roster. We caught up with Dave Neven in Hollywood, California for Coldharbour night at the world famous Avalon nightclub. We talked about what he’s got in store for us with his massive dark sounds. Dave, this is your first Coldharbour night in LA. How does it feel? Hey, guys! First off I want to say, thank you for having me in Raver Magazine. I am feeling great! I’ve been very excited for this show at Avalon for a while now. I finally got to experience what it’s like to DJ at such an iconic venue. I’ve performed at a couple of other Coldharbour Nights/Days, but I was really looking forward to this one since I live in LA now. I had the opportunity to play a Deep Progressive set and set the mood for the night and it went really well. I played some new, catchy tunes and a few classics that people would recognize. Towards the end of my set, I played the Kyau & Albert Remix of Cressida – 6 am, and it was awesome seeing people come straight to the dance floor. I knew that track would catch some attention. dave-neven-3 You’re the newest member added to the Coldharbour roster. How does it feel to be part of a pretty impressive team?  Yes, I am one of the newest members of the Coldharbour family and it feels amazing. I used to DJ back in Chicago almost every weekend as an opener and I always loved the sound, vibe, and energy that Coldharbour brings. It really caught my attention and made me want to produce this dark, Progressive Trance. I am excited to be a part of a team with Fisherman & Hawkins, Nifra, Rex Mundi, Grube & Hovsepian, and Mr. Pit. They all bring fire with their productions. They all have their own style, but it stays very close to that well-known “Coldharbour sound”. The support from Markus is incredible! He’s basically like a mentor/coach for all of us. He helps a lot with ideas, collaborations, support and so on… I also feel like Coldharbour has some of the most loyal, die-hard fans. They follow Coldharbour music like its religion. It’s awesome to make music that people are passionate about. How have the rest of the artists on the Coldharbour team been treating you?  The Coldharbour team has been fantastic. They are all very supportive and encouraging. I feel like we all have this particular sound so we all support each other’s music and play it in sets and radio shows. At first, I was a little shy with the group because they are all artists that I look up to, but now that I have had the chance to hang with them all a couple of times, I feel like I fit right in with the team. They have really welcomed me with open arms. Now that I feel like I am part of the family. Like any family, we joke around a lot and give each other shit, but it’s all just fun and games. When it comes down to the music, we all mean business! Your remix of “Nothing Without Me” was incredible! Tell me a little back-story about how it came to be.  Thanks! Glad to hear you guys liked it. The story behind that remix is actually kind of cool. I used to play the original in Chicago all the time. I absolutely love the original. Something about those vocals by Ana gets me every time. I would definitely say its one of my favorite vocal tracks by Markus, ever. When Markus asked me to remix it, I was not expecting it. I had a feeling like “how ironic” because its one of my favorites. Ha ha! I was very anxious to get it started, so as soon as they sent me the remix pack, I immediately got to work. I ended up doing about four or five different takes on the remix. Some of them had the original melody implemented and I did a couple versions with an entirely new melody, the only thing used was the acapella. I actually started to like one of the versions with the new alternate melody, but the vocals weren’t fitting right. I stripped the vocals and decided to make it an original because the track came out amazing and I used nothing from the remix pack. I sent that over to Tim at Coldharbour and he sends me a message back saying, “This is exactly how we want the remix to be, I even think it’s in the same key.” I sent a message back saying “Well, funny you say that because…” I spent a little bit of time re-structuring the song to fit the vocals and voilà! I sent it back to them and Markus loved it. I also recently did a chill, Progressive 126bpm version of “Nothing Without Me”. I really wanted something fresh to play for this show, so I decided to use the vocals and make a new version since I played a deeper Prog set. Again, I made an entirely new melody for this release. I tried to make it as emotional as possible since the vocals are very emotional. Who is Dave Neven? Where did you come from? How did you get the “Trance bug”? I was born and raised in a city about 30 minutes outside of Chicago. When I was 15, I was living in Florida working at a roller rink. The DJ used to always play euro and d&b. I fell in love with this music. I thought it was so awesome to be the DJ playing the music. In 2001, I ended up buying my first set of belt drive turntables, the Numark TT-1700’s and the Numark Bluedog Mixer. I would spend hours and hours a day in my bedroom teaching myself how to blend songs. My Mom would always be yelling at me “Turn it down!” Haha! I then moved back to a suburb of Chicago to live with my dad when I was 16. I started going to some of the teen clubs and then eventually becoming a promoter and then DJ. At about 19 or 20 years old, I started producing and teaching myself about music theory. This quickly took over my life. I then started Djing at some of the clubs/bars in the city where I eventually found my home at Vision Nightclub. Vision was known for bringing the best Trance Producers/DJs in the Midwest. I was a resident DJ there for about 3 years until it changed names to Castle and then resident under the Castle name for about 2 years. Vision/Castle is really where I found my passion and love for Trance. You have plenty of great productions under your belt and some tracks that I really love that are dark and heavy. What do you have in store for the listening audience? I have a lot of new music coming up. Most of it I cannot really talk about at this point. I have a new original that is currently being played, but it has not been announced yet. I recently did a collaboration with an amazing producer, but again, I can’t really talk about much at this point. Also, I have been working on some remixes. I have a remix I recently did for Addictive Sounds, which is a new label releasing some quality music. The remix is of Gordey Tsukanov “Prediction” which is being released April 18th. It has already seen some great support from Markus. I also just recently finished a remix of Rank 1 – Airwave. This has always been a favorite of mine, and I decided to do a remix for fun. It is getting a lot of great feedback so I’m excited to see what happens with that. On top of all my productions, I also have my radio show on Afterhours FM, which airs the first Thursday of every month. It has been getting some good feedback so I will soon move it to two times a month. You’ve finally signed with one of the major labels in the industry. How does it feel? Yes, I have signed exclusively to SMG (Schulz Music Group) and it feels amazing. I have been working very hard to reach this point in my career and it’s a relief that I have finally achieved that. I now feel even more inspired knowing that they have faith in my music. Again, I can’t say much about what music is coming, but just know that there is some new stuff on the way. Your track Drifter has been played by Markus Schulz and many others. How does it feel when you hear that they dropped your track in front of thousands of people? The very first time “Drifter” was played was at Transmission in Prague in Oct. 2014 by Markus. I wasn’t there in person, but that first time I saw the video I was speechless. It’s definitely one of those moments that I will always remember because it was my first big track being played at that scale, and at such an amazing event! Actually, I have never been to an event with thousands of people and witnessed it being played live. I have been to some world-renowned clubs and saw it being played and it’s an awesome feeling seeing the crowd getting that into it. I specifically remember Markus playing at one of his OTC sets at Avalon and I was walking to the bathroom and heard it come on. I went into the crowd with some friends and experienced it from right up front in the crowd, and it was something special. Dave, we’re happy to have you in Raver Magazine and I wish you nothing but the best and a lot of great adventures. – This is your chance to say what you would like to say to your listeners and the readers of Raver Magazine. Thank you, Raver Magazine, and I appreciate you reaching out. I’m excited to see what the future brings. I’ve been dedicated and working hard at this for over a decade so you can be sure to hear some good, quality music from me in the future. ]]>