Inner Circle with David Kim

Work, life and goal setting with some of the biggest producers in the world while working at Magnum PR

 By Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

LIVE at Moogfest 2017

Magnum PR was founded in 1989 by Susan Zimmerman, known in the industry as SiouxZ; for over 25 years SiouxZ has worked with mainstream A-List artists from all over the world. The Prodigy, Daft Punk, Tiesto, DJ Shadow, Underworld, Nine Inch Nails to name a few have made her one of the best publicists in the world.  Through growth and development throughout her journey, she has met and worked with publications around the globe. Along her journey, she crossed paths with the man that I have dubbed The Wonder of the Publicity, Mr. David Kim.

David’s journey has taken him far and wide in the world of music. His critical role in the development of Magnum PR and his client base has given him the opportunity to work with artists that some of us could only dream about and moreso, have the opportunity to work with these artists on a one on one basis. There is no stopping his vision, work ethic and personal drive to be the best. He talents and ability to get his artists in front of the top media publications is something that we have caught onto and it is something that we felt could inspire others to be the best at what they do.

That being said, we present you with this month’s Inner Circle with Mr. David Kim of Magnum PR.

How did you get started in the PR world?

I went to Rutgers University and my parents wanted me to be a stockbroker or a doctor or a lawyer. For most of my life I never really knew what I wanted to do, but the one thing that I enjoyed the most was always music. I tried to be a DJ at one point but I had issues on the production side so that hindered me quite a bit, so I had to try something else.

I ended up with a job at Warner Group in A&R which was a fantastic job for me at the time. I started my own PR firm called Meraki which is the Greek word that means “to put your soul and passion in your work”. Shortly after I went to work for SiouxZ from Magnum PR.

SiouxZ has always my respect and in my own eyes she is a huge influence in the dance music community. She’s worked with almost everyone in the industry, from The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, to Underworld. For myself it was a surreal experience.

Talk to me about Blogs, Newspapers, TV, Magazines, what is it that artists want these days in way of exposure and coverage?

I think the most important thing is to have empathy and try to understand ultimately what it is that they are looking for. It takes a lot of awareness of the scene and where the artist is in their career to come up with the best plan of attack. Artists work so hard to make music for us to enjoy, especially in the beginning when they need the most support. My job is to just get their message out and to project it in the best light possible.

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