DejaVilla Drops Long-Awaited Debut Album “Castle With a View”

    At the heels of a string of lead singles in 2021, DejaVilla is back in the first quarter of 2022 with their debut single Castle With a View. The Kingston-raised duo, made up of Sarah Couch and David Marston, have carved out a unique lane in dance music for themselves by combining elements of classic Jamaican dancehall and reggae with future-forward electronic beats accessible to the average music fan. Their signature sound is one defined by fluid, sexy, dance-inducing soundscapes that speak to a myriad of social concepts. Whether it be love, sex, rebellion, class division, or an ode to the history of Jamaica itself, DejaVilla layers sound with stories.

    Their anxiously-awaited debut album Castle With a View is an enlightened 12-track triumph with an infectious electronic edge. The impressive LP is an embodiment of Jamaica’s abundant culture – dynamic, passionate, and at once historic and new. A bold reminder of Jamaica’s influence on modern music, Dejavilla’s album pays homage to the small yet world-renowned island. From R&B hits like “Chocolate in Your Pocket” to house-guided cuts like “Find Your Way,” Castle With a View exists outside of the mainstream enlisting features from fellow Jamaican artists to create a multi-faceted and truly immersive listening experience. Each track moves seamlessly into the next to create a converging mirage of infectious soundscapes. A brilliant debut album from the pair, Castle With a View is an instant classic. Listen below.

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