The Evolution of Music Has Arrived

  DJ Software, Club Mixer and Turntable and Media Player that will change the way we listen and play music are now available. The Future is now and it begins with DENON® DJ!   DENON® DJ PRIME Series has brought the evolution of music to the forefront of dance. On a global scale what DENON® DJ has done is change the way fans and producers alike will experience listen to music.   Four new DJ products are now available for purchase: SC5000 Prime Media Player, X1800 Prime Club Mixer, Engine Prime Audio File Analysis Software and VL12 Prime Turntable.

Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Feature Presentation   #ChangeYourRider the promo # that the company is using is bold and is sure to be put to the test. Having viewed personally a few months back the new product line from DENON® DJ SC5000™ I can say that the Pioneer CDJs are going to be put to the battle line. As we all know, the Pioneer CDJs and brand has dominated the DJ booths all over the globe. Now, a new breed of technology will bring something different, something new that will change how DJ’s play and how Fans listen to the music they love. For the first time in history a company has crafted a media player that fully analyzes both beatgrid and musical key onboard the actual unit. Some revolutionary highlights that I personally like are rapid analization of music files, dual-layer decks with dedicated outputs, and a multi-touch screen with fast navigation, almost like swiping an iPad or a tablet. The one feature that put it over the top for me was the 8” jogwheel that has a built in HD central display that shows the current playing track or the custom artwork. There is so much personalization and ease of use that the SC5000™ brings life to the fingertips of the artist. In short, the future is here and now and it starts with DENON® DJ.   For more info, visit:]]]]> ]]>