by Michael Beas

It’s finally here… The highly anticipated debut artist album, Good Evening, by Deorro is out now on Ultra Music…. AND IT IS INSANE!!!

Literally from start to finish there is no track, no beat that we can honestly say is lacking energy. Sure, there are albums that always have “fillers” mixed in them to jazz up the full length of an album. It’s almost the norm these days to have an album with perhaps only two or three good tracks in them. But with Deorro, who we truly are genuine fans of here in the Raver Mag. HQ are in many ways astonished to find that this album is simply without flaw. Trust us when we say we have listened to this one over and over again trying to find a way to nit pick it to death, but at least from our flavor it is as good as good can come. 24 tracks make up ‘Good Evening’ and our top three favorites of this full-length album are:

Find A Way

Prove It (Interlude)

Butt Naked

Each of these back to back encompasses the true essence of Deorro music. Everything from hip-hop dance hybrids to trance-style electro tracks makes it the power behind this album. It is as if there is a vibe for every Raver to chill with. This is the album of the people and for the people. Perhaps its because Deorro is his fans. Music has power to enhance the mind and the senses and with Deorro there is no going back to the realities of life. His music, as seen with this album will sweep you away to a place of bliss that you will never want to leave.

Definitely check it out today and support his vibe so that we can all vibe together as one giant rave family.

More on Deorro:

A Los Angeles native and proud Mexican-American, Doro is renowned as a prodigy in the progressive house world and was the recipient of a 2014 EMPO Award for Best Latin American DJ. He’s also recognized for his massive collaboration with Grammy/Latin Grammy Award-winning Merengue singer Elvis Crespo for “Bailar,” an uptempo worldwide Latin / Dance hybrid smash which hit the Top 10 in 18 countries, #1 in 3 countries, #1 Shazam in 3 markets and Platinum in 4 countries as well as breaking through the US Top 40 chart. “Bailar” has amassed over 88 million streams on Spotify and 45 million plays for the official video on YouTube. After hearing “Bailar,” global hitmaker Pitbull immediately came on board adding his vocals to a new version of the song. This version has now been nominated for “Tropical Song Of The Year” at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards, which airs live on Telemundo this April 27.   Good Evening is a piece of work that showcases Deorro’s continued growth as an artist and dedication to music. Stream and buy it here.

Good Evening tracklisting:

  1. Good To See You (Intro)
  2. Guide Me.mp3
  3. If You Go First (Interlude)
  4. Turn Back Time
  5. Steady Rise (Interlude)
  6. Goin Up
  7. Miss You (Interlude)
  8. Find A Way
  9. Prove It (Interlude)
  10. Butt Naked
  11. Colorblind
  12. Feeling Pretty Good
  13. Hands Up
  14. Drumline (Interlude)
  15. Bomba
  16. Reality (Interlude)
  17. Tell Me Lies
  18. Honest Man
  19. Me, Myself and I (Interlude)
  20. Rise and Shine
  21. 21 Sometimes (Interlude)
  22. Let It Go
  23. Lady
  24. Pause




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