Last month, DEVAULT unveiled “RUNWAY” which was described as his “most energetic record to date.” The track’s haunting sound put 80’s new wave on display and enticed fans of what was to come for the JADE EP.

DEVAULT’s JADE EP is a 13 minute experience of darkness, energy, and anger. We’re introduced to the concept of JADE as a type of simulation where characters can interact and simultaneously be a part of. The music and sounds are best experienced through their visual programming where you’ll see three more than sharply dressed thugs dressed in black from head to toe with neutral toned panty-hose lined face masks, barbarically smash the exterior of a car with bats and chains. Meanwhile, a fair woman with orange hair and angel wings pops up in the midst of the car smashing scene and helps the thugs remove a gentleman from the trunk of the car. She then wheels out the gentleman whose mouth is duct taped shut to a room where he’s then brainwashed. As she wheels him out, you can hear the lyrics “I saw you the other night, you were with someone else, I’ll never tell.” Playing with simulation and human emotion, JADE makes you think. Why did they smash car? Why did they smash the car with him in it? Why didn’t they just remove him from the car first if they were going to brainwash him anyways? Who is this woman and why is she wearing angel wings? Is she supposed to symbolize our subconscious? …Didn’t mean to spoil the brainwashing scene but yes, that happens (talk about one hell of a dark turn…sucks to be that guy).

Have you ever experienced the pain of being brainwashed? Well, now you can. He’s tied up and you can feel the pain he experiences as electrodes are being sent through his head to the rest of his central nervous system. Lapsing in and out from what feels like reality, a dream, or a nightmare, DEVAULT’s inspiring simulation and potent combination of intoxicating sound and production will have you in awe.

From vandalism to brainwashing to kidnapping, various dark themes intertwine with meticulous detail and aggressive intent. Coming off that simulation high, DEVAULT closes the video with sounds of the weather forecasting fading in and out… And all I’m left with at the end of this is, what the f*ck just happened?

The video’s mysticism engulfs you and is meant for open interpretation. DEVAULT’s video production outdoes itself — the musical and visual experience go hand in hand  and is an ode to dark 80’s new wave that we’ve been missing.

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