Diplo Dances His Way Into Our Hearts with Get It Right Music Video



In a world where MTV isn’t about the music videos anymore, Diplo has managed to grasp the attention of his fans across the globe by unveiling a new music video for ‘Get It Right’. The music video, which is directed by Brantley Gutierrez, includes beautiful choreography from Sara Bivens and Calvit Hodge who have worked with him on previous projects. 

The song features the vocal stylings of the talented MØ, long time collaborator since 2013 and close friend of the Mad Decent boss who was featured on the global hit ‘Lean On’. Diplo showcased his dancing abilities throughout the entire length of the music videos as he jumps from piano to hardwood floor with MØ. It really goes to show that Diplo is a man of many talents and the wonderful relationship he has with MØ.

Aside from the dancing and comfortable aesthetic, the lyrics to the song are very meaningful. This song is easily relatable to the daily struggles of being told what to do in society but also wanting to follow your dreams. The line You can try to hold me down / But I’m gonna get it right  is part of the powerful chorus that should inspire others to continue to strive for their goals no matter what anyone has to say.

“Get It Right was one of those songs that was written within a very short amount of time—where you hear the beat, you feel inspired, you sing the melodies and the lyrics write themselves because they were already there,” says MØ of the track. “Good sounds inspire you to write more passionately about subjects that are close to your heart, and Wes’ sounds tend to do that to me. We’ve collaborated a lot of times over the past five years and working with him has helped me develop as a songwriter and shape my voice. I’m very thankful for our artistic journey together.

“He came up with this idea of a full song of synchronized choreography and I just loved that idea—even though I was very nervous to learn all of those steps! But it all worked out and it was one of the most fun video shoots I have ever been on!”

I hope you all enjoy the song and Diplo’s dancing skills and MØ’s shining disposition as much as I did. Watch the video below!