Dirty Audio &Max Styler


by Eubin Jin

As the name suggests, “Rollercoaster” by Dirty Audio and Max Styler, really takes on a wild ride of music and across genres. Each of the artists’ signature styles are on display in this upbeat track. The song starts with a slow climb that drops in the bouncey house rhythm courtesy of Max Styler. The initial drop is exciting and smoothly leads into the second build. This time however Dirty Audio switches it up with a heavier dubstep kick that adds new twists and turns for the listeners to enjoy. Finally, as the ride reaches its climax, the two artists team up to bring in the final, exciting loop of a compilation of the two styles. House overtones with a quicker and punchier bassline, the final stretch of the song shows off not only the skill of each individual artist, but just how well they can work together to make even more amazing music.  Full Support from us at RAVMER MAG – 

https://soundcloud.com/monstercat/dirty-audio-max-styler-roller-coaster]]]]> ]]>