Dirtybird Campout East Coast 2018 Won Our Hearts

Feature Photo by Brittany Hallberg

Photo by Brittany Hallberg

At Dirtybird Campout East Coast, I learned that complete strangers can become family. The event began with a bit of confusion because of permits being pulled due to noise complaints. Despite getting shut down, festival goers did not let that ruin their spirits as event organizers worked with local officials to resolve the matter. We kept the music going on throughout the campsites on Friday night until Papa Bird himself had to come and ask renegade camps to cut their music. According to Claude, this will be the most memorable Campout experience, because the odds were against us but we still managed to pull through. Believe it or not, Pitbull saved the rave! Here is the official statement of what occurred from Mr. Worldwide’s lawyer and now Dirtybird’s lawyer Leslie Zigel about the process of getting the permit back: 

“At the 11th hour, Dirtybird Campout East reached out to Leslie Jose Zigel who together with his partner Joe Geller of Greenspoon Marder persuaded County officials to agree to a compromise in reducing the hours and decibel level of the music to allow the festival to go on, while being sensitive to the local community noise complaints.” This really showcases Do Lab and Dirtybird’s resolve and dedication to their fanbase to keep the party going.

Photo by Tristen Leto

The people were so loving, fun, and engaging. Out of all of the festivals that I have had the privilege to attend, I have to say that the connections that I formed throughout this festival were the strongest. It was as if the universe manifested this entire festival in its entirety.  As I sat in the crowd amongst my best friends during MK’s set, I couldn’t help but feel the positive energy surrounding me. It felt like home to me. People were so warm and radiant and one of the main things that I noticed was that there was an immense amount of feminine energy. I was not afraid to go up to humans and tell them that they were beautiful beings and vice versa. Even artists like Mija, Billy Kenny, Justin Martin, Justin Jay and Ardalan accommodated their set times and even made special appearances at renegade stages to make up for lost time. They were able to give off their energy through their music and by showing up despite the problems that the festival faced in beginning. 

Do Lab put together a strong summer camp themed programming schedule aside from the DJ sets, which helped bring everyone closer together. It was so great to see the amount of involvement and unity that these games brought. I even got myself involved and did some yoga so that I could go on and dance the night away on Sunday comfortable. Not only were there activities, but there was a Dirtybird wedding on Saturday. It was Jaime Anne and Matthew’s wedding, who wanted to celebrate their special day at the first ever Dirtybird Campout East. This definitely shows that there was a tremendous amount of love in the air. Dirtybird showcased a sense of community and positivity, because even when everything seemed to be going against us we continued to hope for the best. Missing an entire day of music almost didn’t matter because I would not trade the experiences that I made for the world. Dirtybird is resilient but most of all, Dirtybird is a family. I do not think the festival would have been as successful as if was if we had not gone through those trails and tribulations. After everything that happened, I am sure next year will be bigger and better than ever.