Disco Fries Bring New NFT Pack To The Masses With ‘Friends Of Fries’ RCRD SHP Exclusive Release

    Disco Fries are officially apart of the Web3 arena with their initial joining in “Participate To Create,” and now “Friend Of Fries.” Their NFT drop “Friends Of Fries” was unlike anything they’ve ever done before. Releasing 30 collectables via RCRDSHP, the reveal features pricing that doesn’t break the bank, while still embedding some superb treats within that you don’t usually see. Perhaps the cream of the crop is the 1 of 1 fan experience within, which will grant 1 lucky fan a day in the studio with DF alongside a dinner with them. There’s plenty more where this came from as the prizes and value that this pack has to offer is heavy. Though trying out a new space with their NFT activities, Disco Fries are pushing the limit as to what is normal within it, a noble act that puts the fan first all things considered.

    On top of this, Disco Fries have recently shared a new website, offering the chance for artists to have their release pushed to the finish line with this help. Whether it be drum work or vocals on a record, Disco Fries have the tools to get your release to completion.

    DF have had an incredible ride within the music industry, a peak moment being their “Wasted,” release alongside Matthew Koma – a track that was co-signed by Tiesto and ended up achieving platinum status. There’s so much more beyond this moment that helps give clarity to the Disco Fries story – where they’ve come, where they’re going, and the like.

    With more NFT goodies under their belt, the future is looking bright for Disco Fries.

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