RaverMag_DJFreaky DJ Freaky  by Michael Beas Alex Fricke, known to his fans as DJ Freaky, is tearing up the Charlotte EDM scene with nothing but the best in Bass, Trap and Big Room beats. The word on the street is that Alex is the next big East Coast name to hit the main steam and take off into the world of music that is sweeping the globe. How far his span will reach is anyone’s guess at this moment, but that reach has gone far enough to catch the ear of Raver Magazine. We had the opportunity to meet up with him a few hours before his performance with Slander at The Fillmore in Charlotte, and here is what he had a chance to share with us. Raver Mag.  Rumor has it that you are going to drop some sick bass before Slander takes the decks tonight. Is that true? DJ Freaky I’m trying to keep that on the low but it is true. I have some new music that I am dropping for the Charlotte crowd tonight that I’m sure they’re going love. Raver Mag.  We have been following DJ Freaky’s progression for quite some time now. I personally remember catching your opening set for W&W a year or so ago. Was that really the moment that things started to take off for you as an artist? I ask because so many of your fans, still to this day, remember that opening set and still talk about how well your performance was that night. DJ Freaky I have to admit, that was really one of the most productive nights of my career. Not just because of the energy in the crowd, but because of the connections that I made and the growth of my career shortly following that performance. It’s a slow progression but moments like the W&W night really help set the pace for better things to come for my music. Raver Mag. It seems that you’re playing every week in Charlotte, sometimes four times a week. What’s the secret to this success? RaverMag_DJFreaky_2 DJ Freaky No secret really, it is more along the lines of not getting wrapped up in the drama of the city – this city or any other city. It’s about focusing on your music. I am only 23 and it’s hard sometimes to not get caught up in extra-curricular things that take you away from your goal. Some are wrapped up in other hobbies, and honestly, I am happy with just playing a show or a gig, then going home to make music until five in the morning. For me, it’s not work when you love what you do. It is really about the music, and from a business perspective, making the rounds and putting in the work to get booked. Work ethic and putting in the time is what it’s about. Playing in front of the crowd is what we as DJs live for. It’s time that goes into it beforehand that most people have a hard time doing. It’s going to the clubs when you’re not playing, getting fans to listen to your music, networking with promoters and news media, passing out flyers – doing whatever you need to do to help be a part of the music community. Then, when it does come time to book an artist, you’re the first one that comes to mind. In the end, it is all about the time and energy you put into getting yourself noticed, not only the music but about the business side as well. If you have a happy medium, you as an artist will stand out above the rest. With all things in life, it’s not only what you know, but who you know. For Alex Fricke, known by his stage name DJ Freaky, it is already taking root through hard work and an unending dedication to his music. Nothing but support from us here at Raver Magazine.]]]]> ]]>