Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Nick Noorlind Rouner @noorlindmusic is a fast-rising talent in the dance music scene. A classically-trained jazz bassist, he melds his broad musical influences across house, disco, hip-hop, and indie to deliver expertly-curated sets to hungry crowds night after night (usually in a suit, no less).

With almost a decade of experience behind the decks, the 27-year-old financier-turned-DJ/model has accrued an impressive resume; landing residencies at Marquee & Lavo New York, slots at EDC and Life In Color, and headlining major clubs across three continents. Noorlind regularly appears with some of the biggest names in the industry including The Chainsmokers, NERVO, & Alan Walker, and is a top pick for celebrity clientele including Paris Hilton & Pharrell Williams. After honing his production chops at LA’s famed Icon Collective, 2020 is poised to be the breakout year for this rising star.

His latest track ‘Landslide’ released on Hexagon strikes all the right cords and more.  The work of perfecting in a not so perfect world. The vocals are from the very talented CYN and they will dig deep into your soul with an uplifting heartfelt sound that few can master. 
If you are looking for a track to get into this weekend and beyond, Landslide is the one for you. Raver Magazine’s Official Track of the Week.
Download and Stream using the following link:

Michael Beas – CEO of Raver Mag. and Kristine Kennedy CMO of Raver Mag. had a chance to catch up with Noorlind this week on his new track, this is what he shared up with us.
Talk to us about the vocals on your latest track Landslide? What was the inspiration behind it and what message where you hoping would resonate most when people hear it played? 
The vocals and lyrics are courtesy of the super talented CYN (@cynthialovely).
She’s gotten tons of support from Katy Perry, and for good reason.. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.
This record is definitely meant to “bring the feels” whether you’re on the road, going for a run, or even at a festival (you know, whenever we have those again). I’m really inspired by mid-2000s indie/electronic crossover groups like M83, Passion Pit, and Empire of the Sun, and for this record I really wanted to emulate the way those guys combine energetic synths with emotional melodies and an atmospheric feel.
What is like working with FUTURE/Hexagon? 
The rumors are true… Don is the nicest guy in the business! It’s been such a pleasure working with him and everyone at FUTURE/Hexagon. It really does feel like a family and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  
What can fans that are new to your sound and vibe expect when they see you perform live or when they tune in to hear your music?
I think new fans can expect to hear fresh, groovy dance music with a twist of indie, alternative and disco. As a DJ first and foremost, I really enjoy a wide variety of music and love infusing unexpected track combinations into my sets. I will go from deep to future/bass records to the Bee Gees without missing a beat. 
Bonus Question: 
Top 3 Shows on Netflix that you like to watch when you are not making music? 
1. Formula 1 – Drive to Survive. It’s the craziest sport. Those guys are rock stars.
2. Next in Fashion – Really great update of the Project Runway concept, great energy and really talented designers.
3. Trailer Park Boys – absolute gold, if you need 12 seasons of a new show to binge during quarantine this should be next on your list.