Djakarta Warehouse Project 2016

by Maddy Pertiwi – Rave Colony // Jakarta

Photos by GTRZ

After months of waiting, we finally came to Djakarta Warehouse Project 2016 (DWP16). The event was held on 9-10 December 2016 at JIEXPO Kemayoran. We thought the festival couldn’t get any bigger especially after the 2015 series that brought Tiesto and Armin van Buuren as headliners.

We were wrong!

In two days, the festival attracted 90,000 attendees. They wanted to see Zedd, Yellow Claw, Hardwell, and Martin Garrix. This year also special because Carl Cox made his debut in Indonesia. Like last year, DWP16 had 3 areas. The mighty Garudha Land, Neon Jungle for first day then changed to Life In Color Kingdom for second day, and Cosmic Station for first day then changed to The Darker Side for second day. These 3 areas flooded with ravers from beginning to the end. When the rundown was announced, we discussed which act we want to see. We shall break down our activities from start to finish. Day 1 The gates opened at 5 PM. Around 4 PM, lines started to form. Ravers were welcomed by greeters. This year, ISMAYA Live as the organizer improved their security checking. Entering the venue, we were welcome with the sight of Garudha Land stage. Sponsor booths along with F&B booths also were ready to welcome the ravers with activities. Looking at our rundown, we knew it will be We spread out to Garudha Land where Evan Virgan played and Cosmic Station for Joyo. Most of the time we stayed at Cosmic Station, where we watched Aiu Kandi, Trilions, and LTN who brought tracks from his upcoming album and his Sunrise Remix tracks. We moved to Garudha Land where Yves V performed. During this performance DWP16 hold the biggest mannequin challenge in Asia. We watched from side line, they did it! We moved to Neon Jungle where Tokimonsta dropped her Hip Hop and Trap set. The area was packed and we barely made it to the middle. After Tokimonsta, we decided to take a break in F&B area they called Eats & Beats. When the intro of “Faded” by Alan Walker, ravers started to run for Neon Jungle stage. We were amazed, because the area packed in a minute. Those who couldn’t enter the area stayed and watched from the outside. We decided to move back to Cosmic Station where Marc Benjamin almost finished his set. After Marc Benjamin, Christina Novelli took the stage. She dropped Trance tracks and made us sing together. When she played “Adagio for Strings”, the crowd went crazy. MaRLo took over right after and gave us surprise by played one Hardstyle track. His set very uplifting.   We took a peeked of what happened during Garudha Land where Martin Garrix closed the night. This was his first time in Indonesia after being crowned as No. 1 DJ by DJ Mag. Day 1 down. Day 2 is another story.     Day 2 Day 2 started with reviewing our schedules. Once again, we were drawn to The Darker Side stage, where Techno and Progressive DJs played. We arrived at the venue and went through same security procedure like the first day. The sky turned to grey and the air turned a bit cold, a sign for heavy rain. We went directly to Neon Jungle stage. On the second day the Neon Jungle turned into Life In Color (LIC) Kingdom stage. On stage we saw big lion head that will complement the theme for this year’s LIC. This year marked the second time LIC back to Asia and debuted new theme, which is Kingdom. On stage was Aydra. He dropped some Future Bass tracks for his set. His performance pumped up the crowd. Like its name, The Darker Side stage offered more underground feeling. This feeling started to rose when ARRIO took the stage. His set totally unpredictable with deep tone. ARRIO’s performance completed with beautiful visual, the most beautiful visual we’ve ever seen in 2-days event. We moved to Garudha Land where W&W performed. During their set, they also displayed Red & White flag. Honestly, it made us shiver. Two nation symbols of Indonesia, put it together in one stage. Reminded us to stay united. With 90,000 attendees, DWP16 really broke the record and crowned as the biggest music festival in Asia. We really hope to experience it all over again in DWP17. Kudos for ISMAYA Live team! We end our note by saying “See you at DWP17!”]]]]> ]]>

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