EDC Orlando: 6 boomboxARTCAR Sets To Catch


Insomniac Events brings back the wonderous Electric Daisy Carnival to Tinker Field in Orlando on November 10th and 11th for it’s 7th year. Every year, new stages or experiences debut underneath the electric sky. There is one “stage” however and has gotten our attention not only because of it’s dope design but the quality of artists we’ll see taking the wheel. The EDC boomboxARTCAR has been a personal favorite of mine since first laying eyes on it at Nocturnal Wonderland two years ago, so I’m happy to see it travel all the way to the Sunshine State and shed some light on some rising stars in dance music.  Here are a few artists you should consider checking out!


https://soundcloud.com/egzod/everything Hailing from France, Egzod has had massive success ever since he started releasing his music on Spotify and Soundcloud merely two years ago. His top tracks on Spotify have over well over 400,000 streams, with his song ‘Free’ breaking the 1.6 million mark, and closing out 2017 with over 10 million streams across all his platforms. Aside from an impressive production roster, he regularly plays at Orlando nightclubs such as The Social and Venue 578  opening for acts like Madeon, Said The Sky, Minnesota and Feed Me. He’s turning future bass on it’s head with tribal influnces and non-stop releases. Remember his name, you’ll definitely see it climb up on your favorite lineups soon enough.


https://soundcloud.com/cocodrills-miami/cocodrills-secret-universe Miami afterhours legends Cocodrills will be returning to most likely be one of the closing sets for this stage. Expect the same dark, techno beats you’d hear during a Heart Nightclub or Club Space marathon that keep our crowds going until the break of dawn. I’m sure if the city of Orlando allowed for events to go past 2AM, these two would be there until they kicked us all out. Catching a Cocodrills set is an entire experience, one that feels like a dream that you don’t want to wake up from. You can find me wearing all black and catching some of their funky grooves at their set, come through.


https://soundcloud.com/otodayo/clips-ahoy-hype-turner-reload They’re baaaaaack! Clips Ahoy and Hype Turner were the pride and joy of last year’s Corona Electric Beach stage, bringing heat and trap vibes alongside 12th Planet and Bonnie x Clyde. The boomboxARTCAR was meant for them to tear apart and drop the heaviest beats. It’s about time they gave these two a bigger sound system to work with, you’ll probably hear them before seeing them…and that’s kind of the point. If you have a trap itch, they’ll definitely scratch and claw their way into your heart and ears. Big ups!


https://soundcloud.com/ciszakofficial/ciszak-gas-pedal-master I know, that’s three different artists. However, these three friends recently announced their ABC tour (see what they did there?) so I have a hunch that we’ll get to see a rare B2B2B. If not, none of these sets will disappoint as they all bring a fresh take on future house/house sounds. Angelz, BIJOU and Ciszak work with some of the biggest labels in House music: Confession, Night Bass and Dirtybird respectively. It’ll be interesting to see these three work together. It’ll be a party regardless, just try to keep up!


https://soundcloud.com/nittigritti/skrillex-poo-bear-would-you This boy just don’t stop. Nitti Gritti first skyrocketed into the dance music world when he debuted LAST YEAR at Wynwood Fear Factory and the momentum has not faltered since then. His unique, unapologetic style has taken him far, with his tracks regularly getting dropped by Diplo, NGHTMRE and many more heavy hitters who are recognizing his talent. He has definitely put in the work for it’s no surprise that we’ll see him again at EDC Orlando.


https://soundcloud.com/carabettaanddoons/1520-a-tribute-to-hip-hop-by-carabetta-doons No techno, no party. After my interview with them a few weeks back, they’ve made their way to the beautiful island of Ibiza where they played sets for the infamous Music On radio show on Ibiza Global Radio and a headlining set at the legendary Mambo Cafe. If you’re all about discovering new music and catching a cool, welcoming techno vibe then their set is for you. If you unfortunately miss out on their set, they’ll be at Groove Cruise LA rocking the boat. Make sure to catch them at the pre-party, onboard and under the electric sky! ]]>