EDM Vocalist chae Unveils Debut Solo EP, ‘Letters I’ll Never Write’

    Having teased us with a batch of intimate and infectious offerings including ‘Make You’, ‘On and On,’ ‘I Tried,’ and ‘Neverland’, Los Angeles-based creative singer and songwriter Chelsea de Silva – alias chae – finally shares her highly-anticipated 6-track debut EP, ‘Letters I’ll Never Write.’ Known for lending her vocals on prominent EDM tracks, her latest sonic endeavor reveals her innermost personal memoirs to listeners and carves her own lane in the music space solo. A project of reflection, the 6-track project finds chae embarking on a journey through vulnerability, self-love, and personal growth. ‘Letters I’ll Never Write’ EP is out now across all streaming platforms.

    Honing in on how she wishes to tell her story, the ‘Letters I’ll Never Write’ EP serves as a memoir of one of the most formative chapters of chae’s life thus far. Setting the tone for the 6-track collection, the EP kicks off with ‘Intro’, a heartfelt narrative of love and loss. Opening with soft instrumentation that’s perfectly paired with chae’s deep, sultry vocals and poignant lyricism, the track transports listeners to a dreamy soundscape oozing with raw emotion. ‘On and On’ follows, exploring chae’s journey as she searches for inner healing and someone to share love and life with. The resonating cut utilizes her emotive lyricism and soulful vocals, audibly boasting entrancing energy and atmospheric ambiance.  

    The following 3 offerings carry on representing chae’s personal journey through unfiltered creative expression. ‘All I Wanna Do’ continues the EP’s ethos of yearning for lost love and the complexities of moving on. Opening with mellow instrumentation accompanied by a mellow guitar melody, the track transports listeners to a diaphanous soundscape. Using her enthralling musicality and sensual vocals, the tune serves as a stellar addition to the ‘Letters I’ll Never Write’ EP.  The fourth offering, ‘Make You’, is a captivating cut infused with palpable raw energy. Delivering a stripped-back-feel-good dose of R&B, the track unfolds a resonating tale of unrequited love whilst embodying notions of self-acceptance and growth. ‘I Tried’ follows, serving transmittable energy through the eardrums, the track takes listeners into an entrancing daze utilizing soft lo-fi drums and delicate instrumentation. An anecdotal tale of heartbreak and grief, the offering paints the narrative of accepting that love continues despite a relationship coming to a close. 

    Serving as another scintillating addition to the EP, ‘Neverland’ rounds out ‘Letters I’ll Never Write’, engulfing eardrums with complete vulnerability as she works through sentiments of yearning for lost love. Reflecting upon her personal journey of self-acceptance and growth, the final offering carries the listener to a sonic landscape through soft instrumentation and a hypnotizing vocal cut. From start to finish, the 6-track collection serves as a stellar addition to chae’s discography, entrenched with raw feminine energy as she unveils her story of self-acceptance and growth. Leaping full force into uncharted territory, chae continues to push the envelope sharing her story with the world and showing listeners her musical mastery. The rising R&B talent primes herself as one to watch as she continues to carve a league of her own.

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