EDX Presents XIRCUIT [Exclusive Interview] with Raver Magazine

Making moves and taking names EDX is single handily now changing the way we view our dance music experience. Now nominated for a Grammy Award for the remix of Charlie Puth we had an opportunity to catch up with him for a quick Q&A. This is what he had a chance to share up with us.

First off Maurizio, Congratulations on being nominated for a Grammy for your remix of Charlie Puth! Can you tell us the story behind this remix?

It’s absolutely crazy and I’m so happy to have been nominated. It’s been a dream of mine, and my production partner Christian, for the last ten years to receive a Grammy nomination and I can’t believe it’s finally happened. I’m so proud of my whole team!


You’re bring a new vibe to the world of dance. What is the inspiration behind XIRCUIT, the new interactive experience you’re developing? What was the creative process like? 

With XIRCUIT we’re trying to create a whole new experience for EDX fans. Something more all-encompassing and experiential than I’ve ever done before at my club shows. There are so many things we’re doing to augment the experience for the fans which will really make  the show into something very special. Much more than just lights and music. This is what we are trying to achieve and something that I’m very excited about. I hope it’s an experience people will remember for a long time.


Why did you choose Alexander Hesse to help with the lighting design for this project?

I have a big team that I work with every day and a lot of very enthusiastic people that I have been working with to come up with this new concept. I’ve known Alex for many years and he is one of those people that’s always thinking outside the box. He’s adding a lot of value and experience to this particular show and I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together.


Why launch it at Avalon? 

Avalon is one of the most significant club venues in Los Angeles and one that’s been there for as long as I can remember. They were pioneers of after-hours clubbing in LA and they always put a lot of focus on the music. Also the sound-system is simply amazing. I remember the first time I played there I was blown away. It had to be Avalon.


Last time we interviewed you in Miami during Miami Music Week 2018 you mentioned you were working on a new Logo. How is that coming and when can we expect to see the new design for the EDX Brand? 

It will be rolled out next year I think. This year we have been very focused on new music and the launch of my new live show concept XIRCUIT. The current EDX logo will actually turn ten years old next year, so that seems like a fitting time to update it.


Who should we be on the look out for in 2019 that is on your radar for new music?

There are so many great talents out there that it’s difficult to pick just one. I do think we’ll definitely see a movement away from the harsh, emotionless EDM sound and I think club music will become more emotive and perhaps more trance-y than it has been for a while. I will also be releasing a remix for Chromeo and French Montana on December 14, as well as new original single at the beginning of January which I’m really excited for you all to hear.


Apart from the new visuals you are planning to release are there any collaborations in the works? 

I’m working on lots of amazing new music at the moment. Unfortunately I can’t tell you about any of the big features or collaborations at this moment in time but if you follow my social channels you will be the first to know about everything!


Bonus Question: 

Whats your favorite Swiss Chocolate that brings you back to home when you are on the road? 

Haha! There are so many great chocolates in Switzerland but I would rather pick Italian chocolate to be honest!