If you are looking for a easy go-to jam that’ you’ll want to put on repeat, look no further than “Miss Effy,” and the vibes she’s able to deliver on. The track is sweet and sassy, two traits I think Effayé would agree listeners could easily get an impression of.

Within the single, Latin-inspired drumming sets the tone while the keyboard additions add to the creativity of what’s at hand. Only a few seconds later, Effayé’s bars are in your face and taking over. It feels like this growing female musician believes in what she’s says and can stand behind the brand that she’s painstakingly creating.

There’s no limit for Effayé, her motivation to make things bigger and better at all cost is an energy that can be felt through here music. Many doors have opened up to her given the integral sound of what is at hand – chances are even more good things well come her way, given the momentum she is building.