Electric Zoo: The Big 10 (your 10th birthday wasn’t nearly this epic)

by Kristine Kennedy

Photos by Michael Beas

            The sweltering and often time swampy New York City summer months are finally winding down and this makes us happy for a multitude of reasons. For one, our daily commute to work won’t be leaving us questioning why we even bothered to shower before setting foot in a city subway station. More importantly, the end of summer means our party is just about to begin as we venture on over to Randall’s Island off Manhattan to celebrate three amazing days of Electric Zoo!

            This fantastic festival is a favorite of ours for many reasons. It’s close by so this has a bit of a home-town feel for us. That doesn’t stop the out-of-towners from traveling to NYC for a weekend of the biggest, wildest party NYC has ever seen, though! We personally have hosted friends from various states every year for this festival since we started attending. And yes, once again this year, there’s no more room at the Raver Mag Inn! There are so many travel options for festival attendees to get to the island and they all guarantee to add some fun and sparkle to your commute. Whether you purchase the shuttle bus or shuttle ferry option or you decide to take your respective subway route and walking across the bridge, one thing is certain – you’ll be in great company.


            No matter what your musical tastes, this year’s lineup has something for you! Each day of this festival delivers those mega main stage sets, a plethora of house, techno and trance. They also just announced their fifth stage, Treehouse, which we are super excited to check out!


            We absolutely love that this festival is cashless. It makes things SO much easier and if you’re unlucky like some of us are, you don’t have to worry about losing cash or cards since it’s all loaded onto your wristband. Now if they could only figure out a way for us to make sure no phones are lost..

            Electric Zoo is a festival for foodies and when we are not busy dancing our feet off, we’re busy stuffing our faces. Once again this year we’re looking for Big Mozz to supply us with our lunch and dinner for three days straight. Hey…it’s calcium, guys!

            If you weren’t a super duper smart and organized Early Bird ticket purchaser this year, we HIGHLY suggest you exercise those fingers and click on the link below to purchase your tickets right now. They’re going fast and we want you to have the opportunity to come party it up with us for the weekend! Look out for the Raver Mag flag at the festival and come say hi – dance with us, eat lots of Big Mozz with us, act like wild and crazy animals with us! We’ll see you all at The Zoo!