elrow Returns to NYC’s Avant Gardner with The Rowmuda Triangle, the Party of Eternal Happiness, November 24 
Nautically-themed festivity is the third and final installment in elrow’s 2018 roaming NYC residency 
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“One of the hottest trends in electronic clubbing, elrow. One of the pioneers who is changing the way we experience music. Don’t miss party people this is going to be MASSIVE!” – Raver Mag. 
NY, NY, August 21 — After two wildly successful, sold-out New York gatherings at Avant Gardner in April and Brooklyn Mirage in July, premier international party purveyors elrow make a triumphant return to the city and Avant Gardner on November 24 with The Rowmuda Triangle. Inspired by the mysteries behind the Bermuda Triangle, the immersive nautically-themed party celebrates an odyssey that began aboard a pirate ship from Ibiza and went off course near Atlantis. Swallowed whole by a mysterious sea creature called the Craken, the surreal party continued in the belly of the beast and ultimately became known as the Party of Eternal Happiness. This wild fiesta full of shipwrecks, sunken airplanes, insane sea creatures, and hippy communes under the sea is the third and final installment of elrow’s 2018 New York residency.
Earlier this year, elrow’s Nomads, New World and Rowlympics events brought a taste of Ibiza to Brooklyn. Nomads transported audiences to a world where Avatar met Star Wars. Rowlympics, the dusk-to-dawn Olympics-themed celebration, featured a rare 10-hour all-B2B marathon by the top trending DJs in house and techno. As with their previous sold-out events in New York, more than 2,500 early bird tickets for Rowlympics were snatched up in less than 24 hours based solely on word-of-mouth, previous to any talent line-up announcement. The same is expected to happen with The Rowmuda Triangle.
Click on image below to watch the Brooklyn Mirage Aftermovie: elrow Open Air – Rowlympic Games HERE
Metro US has called elrow gatherings “the opposite of electronic music dingy warehouses parties … winning so many fans in Europe that it’s time for them to make a second home in New York.” Blackbook said attending elrow events was “an overall classical-psychedelic experience the likes of which you surely will still be talking about 50 years from now.” In 2018, elrow’s founding family, the Arnaus—dubbed “the Medicis of raving” by The Guardian—proved once again that they are without comparison when it comes to staging larger-than-life, immersive experiences that push the boundaries of nightclubbing. Decipher the elrow treasure map and find your way to the Party of Eternal Happiness.
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Hailed as “one of the most successful and outlandish party brands around the world” by Billboard and boasting over 250 events to its credit, elrow is a global phenomenon that can run five events simultaneously and is used to selling out as many as 15,000 tickets in under four hours even before lineups are announced. elrow events take place in over 50 cities on all seven continents, including residencies in Ibiza, Dubai, Madrid, and Barcelona, and stages at major festivals including Glastonbury and Electric Zoo. In 2018 alone, they have over 40 events planned, each guaranteed to sell out as well. Launched in 2010 in Barcelona, elrow is the modern iteration of an entertainment family dynasty that stretches back almost 150 years to 1870. Currently at the helm of the multimedia conglomerate are Juan Arnau Lasierra (CEO) and Cruz Arnau Lasierra (marketing director), who consider “spectacle, music, color and happiness” an inherent part of elrow’s D.N.A. and see New York as elrow’s new home. Elrow is a true force to be reckoned with, elating discerning partygoers worldwide, as evidenced by their more than 1 million followers on Facebook and 230,000 on Instagram. Fans follow elrow loyally around the planet, confident they’re part of a magical experience, determined to seize a place in the realm of memorable parties that channel royalty’s most outrageous extravaganzas.