Evolving Culture of Shaky Beats Festival

Photos and Article by Tran Nguyen


For the third installment of Shaky Beats Festival, the event was held at Central Park in Atlanta, Georgia, which includes about seventeen acres of park space. The new location boasts lots of room and capacity for festival-goers and music lovers to go see their favorite electronic music acts. Shaky Beats festival provided some additional curated artists to attract music lovers from other genre like hip-hop, which could be due to Atlanta’s diversity in the music culture. As far as the culture of electronic music, Shaky Beats Festival artist curators provided acts beyond the typical realm of EDM artists, such as Ludacris and Playboi Carti, and along with the most well-known electronic music artists, with headliners like Marshmello, Zedd, Kygo, Excision, Dillon Francis, and Seven Lions, just to name a few. Even Ludacris during his set, mentioned how much he loved and supported the EDM-culture as he proceeds with performing one of his EDM-inspired produced tracks on the first day of the festival. This marked the beginning of the major three-day music festival of Shaky Beats, where friends and family can enjoy some “Beats”.

With this year’s location having more footage, getting to and accessing all of the festival amenities was a breeze, despite the heat from the sun. Movement around the sites did not feel too claustrophobic.  Nor were there any major out of the ordinary waiting lines at the food trucks and bars. Food and drink were readily available. Maybe the only complains would be how dusty the fields were and how much festival goers were at the stages, or how much hotter and humid it was this year or how far out the other two stages were, resulting in not getting to see as much as people wanted, but in defense Shaky beats provided a jam-packed schedule for the rest of the weekend. but all of these are part of the festival culture and the one main thing people would realize is that the acts that Shaky Beats Festival have provided enough for electronic music lover to enjoy.

Access to the provided food and drinks stations help festival-goers  sustain through the whole weekend were provide at the given location. Spaces from the sponsored companies that provided relaxed amenity areas to enjoy the city’s view and the music sets in style without the additional costs of the VIP-style lounges, although provided if one wishes to get special access..One the unique natural spaces to Central Park was the hills that transitioned into the other stages.. Many lounged under the trees to take  a break from the sun. Audience were still able to see and hear the main stage throughout the day from this location. Some sat on the ground, some hung on the tree limbs, but the focus was that this location was a nice transitioning point to meet up with fellow friends or simply stay sun- protected under the cool shade. It was definitely a notable event to witness the sun setting in this park right before main stage gets lit up at night with production. Sometime natural amenities are the spaces that gets used up the most and that was definitely the case for this year’s new festival location.

As with most festival, the first day always seems to be the most hectic day with crowds checking-in just to break into the grounds and begin their musical escape the realms of reality and life. Bearable high temperatures, dusty air conditions dues to all the Shaky Beats, and shuffling feets throughout the weekend on the fields were apparent. This year, it seems as if the after-parties were everywhere, especially those curated by Shaky Beats provide more than enough options for those looking to keep their nights going. In the near future, one must note that those looking to having a fun-filled three days and nights of partying should keep their eyes and pockets open as the late night  curated after-shows gets sold out quick and the only way to grab some would be buying them off second-hand from all the social media groups online. Shaky Beats provided after-shows where artists can enjoy a more intimate set during the Shaky Beats After-Shows.


As Shaky Beats continues on in the future, we could only see that the festival will get bigger and better. There are more spaces for more sponsorships and vendors to fulfill empty spots and make Shaky Beat more wholesome as the years continues on. With today’s technology and social media platforms, audience from different locations can meet up and enjoy moments together without feeling alone or left out. The online community is strong and with this the bonds of friendship create by such events helps people grows connections between music lovers tighter and closer, all through the love of music and “beats.”

As the last day wraps up at Central Park for Sunday, the closing act, Kygo definitely made a remarkable closing to an awesome event held together by the staff at Shaky Beats and all supporting teams. Shaky Beats will continue to bring in big acts and deejays, but also should provide more entertainers to thrive this scene with more than just an audible feedback, but also a visual impact similar to last years’ street graffiti artists into the festival. It makes Shaky Beats as one of the most successful productions to give back to Atlanta’s creative communities in art and music. We look hopeful for the growth of Shaky Beats and praise that they will continue to provide for music lovers and festival wanderers alike. By looking back into the past three years of Shaky Beats Festival growth in production, we look forward to what Shaky Beats will provide further for the electronic music culture in the following years to come. The community is still generally about supporting the music, in which they love. We hope to see growth within the next few years as Shaky Beats Festival continues to provide more and more amenities and sponsorships with others companies to make the event more popular than ever before. We could see an influx of modern day technology and mobile applications to make these events more popular and functionable as part of an economic generator for the communities that surrounds these events, via food vending, hotels, and local shops. Raver Magazine looks forward to see what Shaky Beats Festival will provide for the Atlanta area and surrounding EDM communities  in the not so far future of the scene. Until then, we keep our Shaky Beats’ memories alive to continue on through the rest of this festival season.