[EXCLUSIVE INTERIVIEW] Sullivan King Reigns Over Metalstep


Sullivan King with Eubin Jin, Photo by JJ Gagliardi

Was making dubstep always the dream?

It was something that just came up and I really wasn’t expecting. At one point I put down guitar for about a year to focus on production. Finally, one day I realized I wanted to be a guitar player and saw this as a great avenue to take. My initial goal was to be a guitar and dubstep and electronic music was a totally different way of doing that as a musician.

What are your thoughts on the emerging “metalstep” subgenre?

I think it was always an area that needed to be pioneered and no one was really ready to go do that because there were avenues that were more attainable at the time. It just took a few people to jump on it to really get it started. But this evolution was a long time coming for sure.

Photo by JJ Gagliardi

What or who are some of your inspirations both in and outside of EDM?

There are so many, I feel like it depends on the decade. I mean you got Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Van Halen, Billy Joel and even some country stars like Kenny Chesney. It’s not so much about the style that draws me in, but they all have something there that can spark inspiration in me. There are some more recent bands like Green Day and Linkin Park that also played a big role in getting me into music, but it was the older bands led me to become a musician.

What are your favorite aspects of creating and performing music?

Really just seeing kids have the reaction to the live music and what they’ve loved their entire lives coming together. I forget the exact quote, but someone tweeted at me and said that Sullivan King is someone my 23 year old self and 16 year old self can agree upon. That pretty much sums up why I do this. It’s everything you grew up with and have fond memories of and everything happening right now coming together. I was sitting in the studio of the school I went to around 2013 thinking to myself, “What am I doing right now? What am I making and why am I making it?” I finally decided that I could do this whole metal thing and there is a really good chance that no one would get it. I would be the only kid doing it and I would go nowhere. But I made the music I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear someone do a guitar solo to a dubstep song, I wanted someone to do a remix of an Excision song and make it sound like this. If people got behind, great! If they didn’t then at least I tried. I went out there making music I wanted to hear and it’s nearly every show I hear people say that they were waiting for a sound like this.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming artist?

You really just have to trust yourself. You got to do what you love and it really is the longer route most of the time. Your sound probably isn’t going to sound what you’re thinking right away. I mean it took me a good two and a half years to get my music to a point where I was just happy with it enough to be like “Ok cool, this is where I want to go with this.” That was October or September of last year, so it’s been in this last year where I was happy with my sound and I’ve been making music for four to five years. It takes time, trust yourself and what you want to make. You’ll probably get shot down a lot but just keep on going man.

 Any final thoughts or shoutouts you want to give?

Honestly, just thank you for everyone who has supported me thus far. You guys are the reason I made it this far