another track ahead of the most wonderful week of the year: Miami Music Week. We had the opportunity to chat with Annie Sollange about her start in music, plans for the upcoming months, dream performances and more. Annie Sollange got her start in music while living back in Moscow. She gained an interest in music at a very young age, and started singing when she was just five years old, performing in elementary school. “I was always fascinated by big voices. Some of my early influences were Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. When I came to the States, I went to Celine’s show in Vegas and Mariah’s show in NYC – it was a dream come true for me. It wasn’t long until she got brought in to perform at college parties and clubs around town. She flew around the world to perform with some of Moscow’s most renowned DJs, and even got some tracks played on the radio. “I would get hired by the owner to do shows in the same clubs on their most popular night as a resident, so in one year, I became a resident singer in all of the top clubs of Moscow, including PACHA.” Annie Sollange then moved to the States, where she now resides in NYC. Her new city plays the backdrop of her music video for her rendition of The Chainsmokers’ “All We Know” – which gained over half a million views on YouTube and Facebook. The remix, which really took off and garnered the attention of Alex and Drew themselves was a big step for Annie. “We had so much fun shooting it. No permit, right before they were supposed to close the red stairs in Times Square. I wanted to give a raw experience to my subscribers on YouTube. I was fine with people walking past me in the scenes, I thought that was hilarious,” Annie said of the filming experience. “I love the production on the remix and the original song by The Chainsmokers. I’m a huge fan. As soon as we finished mixing it, I sent it to Alex and Drew. They complimented on how much they loved the vocals, and that was a very inspiring moment for me. It gave me the inspiration to do an original song next, where “Own the Night” was born.” Speaking of our favorite guys, The Chainsmokers, when we asked Annie if she could collaborate with any artist in the world, you bet she named the guys! “I also think Zayn and Drake would be awesome to collaborate with, too,” she added. Writing has always been a true talent of Annie’s, that’s without a doubt. But from all talent stems inspiration. “For me, inspiration always comes from music and personal experiences. I hear a catchy chord progression and I can write a song in under an hour,” Annie describes of where she finds her inspiration. “I always write melodies first and shape the lyrics after. Sometimes I get a feel of an overall concept when I hear the music – either it’s going to be about love, breakup or just having fun and being forever young.” With Miami Music Week kicking off in just a few weeks, Annie Sollange has quite a bit up her sleeve. Between non-stop performances every weekend in New York City and another new single releasing in a few short weeks, to a few hot collabs coming up with artists from Trap Nation (though she can’t disclose the names, just yet) – you bet she’s busy! But where does Annie see herself in a few years as she looks into her future? “Touring the world and doing only live shows, releasing albums, winning a Grammy – just a few things on my list of goals. I want to work with the best producers in the world and make a positive impact with my music.” And her dream gig? Coachella. “It’s an extremely versatile crowd and lineup. I could do so much in my set in terms of combining different sounds. It would be a very eye-opening experience,” she says. Finally, we closed out our chat with Annie by asking her what her spirit animal would be, if she could choose. If you’ve ever met the bubbly and sparkly lady, you’d probably guess her answer. “Unicorns, duh!,” she laughed. “They’re unique and beautiful. I always loved fantasy and told myself that I’m different, capable of things that average people don’t do – like being able to fly.” Soar on, sweet girl. We look forward to the music you plan to bring to this world. For more information on Annie Sollange, check in with her on social media – links below! SOUNDCLOUD | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE

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