By Kimberly Phan

Miami Music is the official kick-off for new music and festival season. Are there any shows you’re going to be headlining? David: We just announced Paradiso today and we announced Dancefestopia yesterday. We have a lot of festivals coming up especially in Asia at the end of April. It’s a cool new market for us to play.   Have you ever been to Asia before? David: Yeah. We’ve gone to Asia about every month since September so about ten times. It’s a really good market for us. For the rest of the festivals, we can’t talk about them just yet!   You recently released “Up All Night” and said it brought back old school vibes. Can you explicate? David: We grew up listening to Blink 182 and pop punk bands like that! So we always had that influence and we used to make a lot of music like that back in the day. So when we started writing this song we decided to do a pop punky vibe to see if it worked and it ended up working and it was sick. We took it back to our roots and what got us into music was bands like that, New Found Glory, Blink 182, all those bands… Just taking it back to the roots a bit.   If you could go back and collaborate with or go back and revamp, who would you pick? David: It would be sick to do Blink 182. We’ve played a Blink 182 song live in our sets.   Social wise – I love your content. Saw on your show on March 8th that you stated there was a black Kia Rio being towed. Why the hilarious announcement? Tom: I was actually on the mic and it looked like I was turning the music down in the picture and made it look like we were making announcement about someone’s car. David: It’s one of those things where we’ll just post about the first thing we think about. It’s like “yo someone fell over eating nachos.” We’ll post the first thing and just let it go. Tom: It has to be that way because if you sit there and think too long about your content, it’s not actually you. You’re just thinking about the cool thing to say. David: So it’s anything funny and you have to post things that are funny. Tom: We think we’re the funniest people on Earth so yeah. *HA*   I was just going to ask, how do you think your audience perceives you? Dash Berlin has got his dashers, Bassnectar has his BNF. What do you think keeps your audience attracted? David: We just try to release the best music that we can and be funny guys and it just clicks. Tom: Our main thing is that we are always us and we never try. David: We’re super talkative and we always respond to our fans so I want them to view us as cool guys.   Cool laid back guys that just happen to make bad ass music. Tom & David: Exactly.   I feel as though DJ Duos always soar in their careers. Firebeatz, Bassjackers, Dubvision, Axwell^Ingrosso… now Breathe Carolina. What would you say makes you two work together so well together? David: We have the same vision and we have the same goals. What happens sometimes is when they start having separate ideas or want to do separate things, that’s when it goes awry because how can you focus on one thing? We’re always on the same page with music or with shows or how we want to look.   Is there anything you guys know about each other that your fans may not? Tom: He’s f*cking awesome at cookng. David: I do love cooking. I have a huge passion for cooking. Tom: I can turn my feet all around my head and I rode professional BMX for 2.5 years. David: He also speaks fluent Hebrew and was born in Israel. Are you Jewish? Tom: Extremely. David: He could not be more Jewish.   Very nice! So, no matter what religion you are, I always like to see what artists would say embodies their spirit. What would you say your spirit animal is? David: I’ve honestly never thought about that. Tom: I mean you’d be a baby lion or a tiger because you’re obsessed with them or maybe a bengal cat. You’re a bengal cat. David: He’d be an angry eagle or something. Tom: Oh yeah like a super pissed eagle overlooking everything that’s super mad.   Really? You never struck me as an angry person. Tom: I’m not an angry person. I’m extremely passionate and efficient so I’m always stressed out but it works in my favor sometimes. But sometimes I’ll have panic attacks in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever. I’ll be hanging out with my girlfriend and will be like “I can’t see!” and she’ll be like “what?” and I’ll tell her “I can’t see right now. I’m blind from stress!” God bless her.       Connect with Breathe Carolina! Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Instagram:  ]]]]> ]]>