Dante Klein, is becoming a household name in the world of electronic dance music. Dante is a Graduate of Herman Brood Music Academy in his native Holland and entered the deep house scene in 2015 with his Spinnin’ Records debut Ertesuppe. Since then, he’s been touring all over the globe. We caught up with the Dutch phenom to catch up with his latest adventures and future endeavors. You just recently played your first show in LA. How was that? That was so cool. I played at Avalon. When I first started DJing, I heard all these stories about Avalon and how it’s one of the most iconic clubs in Hollywood so it was real cool being able to play my first LA show there. I loved the venue, was very nice and the music sounded great. What do you think sets LA apart from other major cities like New York, Chicago or Miami? The people. You enter LAX and right away you notice all these hipsters and people with their cool clothing and styles. They’re just way different with their style and vibe. As you know, new music is constantly getting churned. And of course not all music is created equal. With the current state of electronic dance music, what do you think artists have to stay relevant? Set yourself apart with the music and on a personal level and you have to stay in the loop with social media. It’s a combination of all those things. How do you want your audience to perceive you? As an artist, not a DJ. I want to be recognized for my production. Two months ago you released “Harder,” which featured Hailz. How do you go about your creative process and how do you select vocalists on your tracks?  I know Hailz through my manager. My manager has a house in LA with a studio and sometimes I go there to write. I had a session with her and two other people. We actually wrote “Harder” on the front porch, I got the acapella and wrote the track around it. Will you be releasing more tracks with her? Yeah, she wrote a bunch of stuff. There’s one track coming out with a different vocalist but she wrote it. When it comes to the production process, how do you start ideating? Do you listen to old music, music that you think will be trending, EDM, rap? It all depends on the moment. For example, after I came back from a festival I was full of ideas from all different genres. Usually, I’ll go on Spotify to New Music Fridays and listen to what’s out. Yesterday on my flight here I listened to the whole playlist as well as Frank Ocean’s new song and it really got me inspired. There’s not one thing that inspires my production process. Speaking of inspiration, what musicians keep you inspired? Mostly Diplo, Major Lazer and Jack U. How would you describe the sound of your music? NO genres included. Fresh, unique and a word that I just came up with, singalongable. My music will just make you sing along.   ]]]]> ]]>