Get Ready to Party Hard with Kill The Buzz

by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas 

  Adithya Nanuru burst onto the electronic music scene in 2012 under the not-so-quiet name of Kill The Buzz and a first single titled “Party Hard.” This gifted producer caught our ears with his progressive and electro house hits. He’s been backed by industry greats such as Dannic, Quintino, David Guetta, Benny Benassi and Sander van Doorn. A fixture under the Revealed Recordings label, it’s certain that there will be plenty of ‘buzz-killing’ to come from this talent for years to come!   Raver Magazine: Can you talk to us about how you first got into the music scene?   Kill The Buzz: In the United States it is all about sports. Here in Holland we are so used to dance music, and since from a young age when I went to study music, the first thing my teacher told me was like hey we also have this new program that teaches you how to produce music with a keyboard at home. So I automatically got into that mindset.   Raver Magazine: You’re from Breda right?   Kill The Buzz: Yea, Breda, yup.   Raver Magazine: What’s in the water there? We joke that we have a business plan to bottle the water from that city.   Kill The Buzz: In Breda, we have great artists. We have guys like Fedde le Grand, we have W&W, we have Hardwell, and we even have R3hab, and Dannic of course. But the thing is that since we are all so well connected with each other, it’s easy for use to say like ‘hey I’ve got this new upcoming guy with really good music, you want to listen to his track?’ So we have this community which keeps each other flowing. Nowadays you see that in Amsterdam. In Breda, since we don’t have anything to do, you either play soccer with your friends or you make music. Since we are a bar culture, all the DJs get together and meet at a bar. If you live in a big country like the US, not a lot of people will talk to you about music. In Breda, it’s all about, ‘oh you’re like a musician, let’s connect.’   Raver Magazine: That makes a lot of sense. That’s what makes the whole sense of community, and that’s why I think so many people are becoming famous.   Kill The Buzz: It’s the same in Stockholm. The same thing happens to us in Breda, because everyone is mutual friends. Even in the photography business, it is the same thing – you all get connected. That’s how it works for us since it is such a small community. Raver Magazine: So tell me about your DJ name – you’re “Kill the Buzz.” Where did you come up with the name? Are you killing the buzz or making it?   Kill the Buzz: “Killing the Buzz” in the US and in England means you are f*cking everything up. I had this track “Party Hard” and it was number one in the buzz chart. The track said ID- Party Hard, and I didn’t even have an artist name back then. Since it was in the buzz chart for like one or two weeks with just an ID, I said “hey somebody needs to kill that buzz, somebody needs to come up with a name.” And that’s where Kill The Buzz came from.   Raver Magazine: Well it definitely got killed, but then you made some buzz.   Kill The Buzz: Today I got picked up by a friend of mine, but he was 15 minutes late. As soon as I got in his car, I said “damn slow down cab driver”. And then he yelled, “stop killing my buzz.”   Raver Magazine: Can you talk to us about what ADE [Amsterdam Dance Event] means to you? This is a pretty big week for artists!   Kill The Buzz: It’s intense! You have to go from point A to point B to point C in a day. You have to have all of these conversations with everybody, and so you do couch sessions. You have to talk about your personal life, and your career. Then there are conference days, where everybody is interested in how you do your productions. And at night there are all of these different parties just to meet industry people. So it’s an intense week, but it is really cool to meet up with all of the different people.   Raver Magazine: What’s it been like working with the Revealed Family?   Kill The Buzz: What’s it been like working with the Revealed family? It’s been a lot of fun. Me and Robert [van de Corput (Hardwell)] have been friends for almost 15 years and I just enjoy the Revealed Recording family. Every new guy that comes in feels like a new family member on the tour. Working with all of those guys keeps your mind focused because everybody brings up new stuff-stuff that you have never heard before. That brings us to the next level, because if someone makes a better track than I did then I have to make another better track. You keep each other focused on the production level and it’s really intense.   Raver Magazine: It’s easy to get lost with the hype, you have to get in the studio and make music.   Kill The Buzz:  T thing with studio work is you have to be really dedicated when you are working in the studio. It can be difficult. If you are away from home for four weeks, and when you come home for a couple of days sometimes you want to take a rest. You have to keep in mind that you have to make new tracks. In the first couple of years, it’s really like a struggle on how to balance everything out. After a while you get used to it, you think of concepts to do on the road, like drafting it on paper, and then when you get to the studio you finish it up to the final draft and then you send it out. They tell you what to fix and then you test it out again.   There’s a lot of ‘no’s’ in the industry, because they want you to be the best. You have to learn how to grow up with those ‘no’s’, because it’s not like they don’t like you, they just want you to make it better.   Raver Magazine: Take us through a day in the life of you outside of the music world. When you’re not touring, and making music, and being famous, what do you do for fun – besides catching up on sleep?   Kill The Buzz: I like spending time with my girlfriend. Then I hook up with friends, play video games, go to the theater, and basically just chill out. That’s basically a day when I am not working. I like to really relax. I like to keep my mind on my family and friends. It’s really difficult to get valuable time with your friends and family. Having a moment not in the studio and not busy with your work is perfect for me to spend with them. ]]>