By Kimberly Phan

So, a year ago I went on a jog and Spotify started playing this earworm, “Is This Love.” This track is the perfect cross between feel-good dance music that just makes you want to get up and groove but still keeps the roots of the song. Tell me, what’s your thought process when it comes to selecting music to remix? LVDNSCAPE: It was actually an accident remixing “Is It Love.” I was sitting in the studio with Bolier and we both love Bob Marley so we wanted to do a remix just for us to play in the club. We did it in two days and sent it to Spinnin and they contacted the Marley family to see if we could do an official remix and they replied that we could. So, it was an unofficial remix for the both of us to official.   How’d it feel knowing that the Marley family gave you the right of way to officially remix it? Getting exclusive rights from family is difficult to do! LVDNSCAPE: The songs of Bob Marley had listened to the track and loved it!   So when it comes to selecting other music to remix, how do you select your songs? LVDNSCAPE: Honestly, it’s whatever comes to mind. I gravitate to tropical house but I’m into all types of music. From Michael Jackson, George Michael to electronic dance music.   So, if I were to go on your phone, what would be the first five tracks on your Spotify or iTunes? LVDNSCAPE: Well, I’m a huge fan of EDX so it’d probably be all EDX tracks.   Just recently you produced “Need To Feel Loved” with Sander Van Doorn. The track is so hypnotic with such alluring lyrics. What was the method behind the madness to producing the track. From the lyrics, to the melodies, to the creation of the music video. LVDNSCAPE: The creation was from a whole team. I did a remix for Sander then we decided to do a collab together. We wanted to mix what we both liked from back in the day and today. Sander and I wanted to do a collab together! It’s a track that anyone can groove to. It’s not so EDM but very housey. It’s very easy to listen to and has a nice beat with percussion elements.   You haven’t been wasting any time this past year… I feel like you’ve been a man on a mission! Your SEASONS tour has hit Carouge, Zurich, Lugano, Neuchatel and Bern thus far. What has been the most satisfying part of your tour? LVDNSCAPE: Just being able to go out and play the music I love.   Love that! I’m also curious… Why’d you choose your stage name to be LVNDSCAPE? LVDNSCAPE: It’s not a big story actually. I was with a friend of mine and he called me and asked me “Why not LVNDSCAPE?”   What was your original name? LVDNSCAPE: Nick Bass! I decided to go with LVNDSCAPE because it was more earthy.   I like LVNDSCAPE. It sounds so earthy and there are so many elements to it… You could be a tundra, a desert, a forest or a grassland. LVDNSCAPE: Yes! Just like that. We also decided to make the A a V since it resembled my logo so why not? Now, I’m LVNDSCAPE.   Connect with LVNDSCAPE! Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Instagram:]]]]> ]]>