“Back and Forth” with MK


by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas 

Marc Kinchen, aka MK is a DJ, producer and remixer hailing from the USA. Over the years he has contributed a lot to the music industry as a whole, including a number of remixes and singles, as well as valued production work for actor and singer Will Smith. MK produced one of Smith’s albums, did the music for the TV show All of Us, and worked on several projects with American rapper, Pitbull.

We had the opportunity to sit and chat with MK while he was stopping by New York City recently on his tour schedule. Here’s what he had to say.

Raver Magazine:You have a new track out now. Tell us all about it.

MK:I have a new track out called “Back and Forth” and it’s featuring Becky Hill on the vocals and Jonas Blue and I produced the track. Becky Hill is someone I work with a lot. Two singles ago I had a song called “Piece of Me” and Becky Hill was the vocalist on that also. Maybe a year or so before that I did a remix for Rudimental and again, Becky was the vocalist on that track. So you can say I’ve always been a fan of Becky’s vocals.

Being signed to Sony, sometimes they send me songs that are written by others to see if it is a track I want to produce for my project. So whenever a song comes through the email that the subject says Becky’s name on it, it goes to the top of the list. The new track “Back and Forth” was one of those tracks that went to the top of my list.

Raver Magazine:Awesome stuff. How long did it take for you to complete this track?

MK: It took around four months, but only because I’ve been on tour. It’s been tough because I would only have a day to work on the track on my off time before heading back on tour again. I probably spent about five days in total working on it, but it took much longer to complete.

I have a couple different versions of the track. I have one version for my DJ sets that is a little harder and has more of an underground sound to it. Then I also have one that is more suitable for daytime radio.

Raver Magazine:What’s it like working with Sony?

MK:It’s great! We are all one big team together. It’s like we all work in our own corners and then come together and collaborate on projects.

Raver Magazine:You’ve lived on a few coasts in the US – which do you enjoy more?

MK:I’m from Detroit originally. Then I lived in New York for ten years and now I’ve spent the last sixteen years in Los Angeles. I think I prefer Los Angeles more at this point in my life. It’s a chiller vibe there.

Raver Magazine:Which coast’s house music scene do you prefer?

MK:I can’t even really say to be honest – that’s tough. I think that social media these days is putting America on the same playing field. The same tracks being released in Europe are being heard immediately by people in the US on both coasts. But I think that right now the UK is leading in the house music scene overall. UK is the hub.

Raver Magazine:What’s your mindset when you’re in front of thousands of fans performing?

MK:I like to take everyone on a journey. I like to reel everyone in really hard at the beginning and then tell the story through my tracks. This way you have everybody’s attention and then they’re ready to listen to your story.

Raver Magazine:What’s next on the radar for you?

MK:I’m finishing my summer tour now which is always the busiest time of the year. So after that wraps up then it’s back to the studio for me. I have a few remix requests that I am looking into currently. But mainly from October through March it’s about making new music. Come April they’ll be ready to be played in my sets and they’ll be released shortly after. Right now, the goal is to release two more singles by next summer.

Raver Magazine:Nowadays there are so many young producers. What advice do you have for the next generation that look up to you and want to make something of themselves in this industry?

MK:I was in their shoes once and at that age I did exactly what they’re doing. You start producing and you kind of want to copy your favorite producer’s style. That’s fine to learn how to produce, but once you learn then you have to get unique. You can’t be the 2.0 version of your favorite producer and just copy the sound. You can learn from your idols but take what they do and how they sound and make it even more dope.

Raver Magazine:Can we ask a bonus question? So you’re stranded on an island and you can only bring two things with you. What are they going to be?

MK:I’m definitely bringing the internet so I can stay in touch with everyone and probably some sunscreen because this island is probably tropical and hot so need some sun protection!

MK(Marc Kinchen) has today (September 7) unveiled his brand-new single “BACK & FORTH,” a vibrant new house anthem and dynamic collaboration with U.K. platinum-selling, Brit Award nominee Jonas Blue and chart-topping artist and songwriter Becky Hill.  MK recently dropped his bass-driven “MK Dub” mix of the record in his Creamfields set which is also available today as a B-side to the original. On first listen, it’s easy to tell that “Back & Forth”–an addictive and rhythmic release–is destined to cement a place as one of the ultimate post-summer tunes across radio and dance floors worldwide.
Listen to “Back & Forth” and the “Back & Forth (MK Dub)” now here:  
Available now on ULTRA Music/Area10, MK’s warm piano-house style, combined with Becky Hill’s soulful songwriting and paired with the instinctive pop sensibility of Jonas Blue, makes “Back & Forth” a collaborative recipe that’s sure to please across the board. The track marks the second time the Detroit DJ has teamed up with Hill, following the pair’s success with their 2016 Gold certified hit “Piece of Me” which to date has received over 56 million streams globally. Hill is also known forsoulstering, powerful vocals on tracks like “False Alarm” as well as her U.K. #1 single “Gecko” with Oliver Heldens.
Friend and collaborator Jonas Blue sprinkles his melodic touches throughout“Back & Forth.” The home-grown British talent is already a multi-platinum-selling artist, who recently scored huge success with his summer anthem “Rise.”

An iconic house producer, artist and DJ, MK may be best known for his timeless remixes and 2017 summer anthem “17” (over 92 million Spotify streams). He’s also the proud owner of his Area10 event brand which has hosted parties worldwide, headlining stages at the likes of SW4, Creamfields and Croatia’s Defected Festival, as well as the sold-out weekly Ibiza Rocks Area 10 residency this summer. The Area10 label will start releasing some of its own repertoire this coming year.

In support of “Back & Forth,” look for MK and Camelphat to head out on “The Big Fallback 2018,” their first U.S. tour together with special guest Will Clarke on select dates. Accomplished house music producers and DJs on their own, they are coming off the hottest summer on record ever in Europe and the U.K. “The Big Fallback 2018” tour kicks off October 25 at The Grand in Boston and will touch down in most major U.S. markets including NYC, Chicago, Detroit and more. Watch the tour trailer here. Tickets are available now at:

The Big Fallback 2018 tour dates are:
Boston, MA
The Grand
San Francisco, CA
The Midway *
Chicago, IL
The Concord
Miami, FL
Club Space *
Orlando, FL
Columbus, OH
Detroit, MI
Elektricity *
Brooklyn, NY
LIGHT & LIFE – 99 Scott *
* Special guest Will Clarke joining
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