by Michael Beas 
Following the release of ‘Where To Go’ at the beginning of the year Swedish production duo ManyFew  are back with another feel-good single ‘How Would You Know’

Raver Mag. had an opportunity to catch up with the guys for an exclusive interview. Here is what they shared up with us….

What’s the inspiration behind your new single ‘How Would You Know’?

We got a request from a record label asking us if we were interested in a vocal from one of their singers. We really loved it from the first time we heard it, so we started to play around to find the parts we would like to use. Usually we start to produce a song with our sampler machine so we imported all the vocals into it and we started to play around with it. Later on we added some chords, different synth sounds and beats. We had a vision to produce a track with an uplifting piano feeling and a tropical touch to it!

What is it like for you working together as brothers? How did you decide to begin producing together?

It works great thank you. As kids we were really fascinated about dance music, especially euro disco and house music. Think we were around 10-12 years old when we got our first turntables and it was love at first sight 🙂 We used them all the time and also recorded samples into a cassette player to play for friends and school parties. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we still are so crazy about sampling…

Since we both have the same love for music it was natural to start producing together. We really enjoy doing this and feeling that we complement each other in the studio very well.

What are your top three podcasts that you both are currently in love with?

Our top three currently podcasts are:
 Don Diablo Hexagon Radio: It’s a good mix of cool dance music with a lot of energy and future house sounds.

The Magician’s Magic Tape: It’s a cool mix of nu-disco, deep house and indie dance. We tend to listen to this podcast especially during the summer. It has a nice summer feeling to it.

Dada Land Mix: A mix of fresh and crazy house music filled with a lot of energy

For fans in the US it’s tough to get a grasp on the Dance Music scene in other parts of the world . What differences do you both see between the US market in the hometown music market. Basically, do you find it challenging to perform and cater to different tastes in the music industry? What are some of the obstacles in general that you both have over come to get you to the place you are today?

Well the last decade the US Dance Music scene has become a huge market with a lot of big festivals and great DJs. EDM music has become very popular with more mainstream sounds to it, but it also feels like some genres have become more prominent state side for example Trap music. It’s so nice to see that the dance music scene is still growing so fast in the US. The club scene is massive as well. In general, we’d say that genres like techno and deep house have become more mainstream in Europe, especially in the UK where they have a strong nightclub culture. In Sweden the dance music scene is also growing with a lot of new festivals and dance music acts. If we look at Germany, for example, they have a really strong techno culture. Thanks to streaming services it’s been easier to discover new dance music and subgenres. We think that subgenres will become even more popular in the future also in the US.

We love to explore new music and genres. When producing it’s inspiring to try out new sounds and see what comes out from the speakers. We’d say that hard work but also to have fun is one of the most important things to do when developing your sound.

If there is one thing that you would like your fans to know about ManyFew what would it be and why?

We remember that we produced our first track together when we were 10 & 14 years old. We actually listened to it a couple of months ago and it sounded very basic of course lol. Think that was the start of our production journey.

Besides music we are huge fans of NHL and we try to watch hockey live as much as we can when we are in the US!

Back to back hits is a challenging thing to top so I am hesitant to know what’s next for you guys, but we must know what is in the cards for the rest of this year?

We have some projects we are really excited about that we will be able to release soon! We have been taking quite a bit of time to be in the studio to work on an upcoming album. Also, we have some other surprises coming up so keep an eye out for upcoming releases and tour dates 🙂