Hailed as a “bass music sensation” by music outlet Complex, Borgore is one of the foremost figures leading today’s worldwide electronic music generation and one of the youngest pioneers in the global dubstep scene. The expansive discography of the Tel Aviv-born, L.A.-based artist, who is the sole architect of his self-produced “gorestep” sound, includes three full-length studio albums, multiple EPs and mixtapes, countless singles and remixes in addition to a handful of top-level collaborations with pop music’s elite, including Miley Cyrus, G-Eazy, Diplo and Gucci Mane. Collectively, the Buygore label boss accumulated over 500 million streams and more than 125 million YouTube views.

The second track taken from the upcoming ‘Slaughterhouse EP’, ‘Sexy Boi’ effectively puts Borgore’s latest sound excursion in the limelight. Sporting heavy grinding bass and murderous four-to-the-floor beats that effortlessly supercharge the dance floor, this track is sure to be making moves when the night takes over.

Michael Beas, Founder of Raver Magazine had a chance to catch up with Borgore on his ‘Slaughterhouse EP’, and his latest ‘Sexy Boi’ track, this is what he shared up with us at Raver Magazine.

Photos by Cybele Malinowski

Now that Covid is a bit under control are you excited to get back on the road touring and performing live? Also part of that question goes in-line with what are your Top 3 festivals or places that you are looking to perform in 2021 into 2022 ? 

The funny thing about returning to live shows after COVID is that before the pandemic I was somewhat used to playing shows, it’s been 12 or 13 years at this point of being on the road nonstop. And now I find myself nervous and excited even when I play to just 300 people. When I get on the bigger festival stages it feels like the first time at a major festival all over again! It’s hard to put all that excitement into words.

Honestly for 2022 I’m most looking forward to playing shows in Europe again. Being that I grew up and started my career there, some of my best friends ever live in Europe and not being back there for 2 years has been way too long and I miss it so much.

You can pretty much produce in every genre, not a small thing to master as a producer. You can produce everything from metal to dubstep to bass and now house, so the question is how would you describe your new sound that you are working up these days and why is it different from what you have done in the past?

It’s funny you mention this, I just had a full-on conversation with my fiancé Sonia about this exact thing and how I’m rather frustrated that no matter what genre I’m doing, whether it be jazz or house, it always sounds like me and I can’t unhinge from it. My dream is to be able to produce a generic sounding song, one that sits 100% with a genre, but in the same manner that my dubstep doesn’t sound exactly like dubstep and my house doesn’t sound exactly like house. I guess sometimes it’s a good thing and bad thing at the same time.

Talk to us a little about your new track, featuring Jonathan. – ‘FYPM’ and also ‘Sexy Boi’ that you are about to drop on November 19th ? What was the inspiration, the vibe, the sound you were going for with them and what is something that you want the Borgore fans to take away from your new music?

After the big room era I felt like there wasn’t a genre that really stood out and made a bridge between hardcore electronic fans and the casual music fan. The vibe I’m getting today from the house genre is similar to the vibe I got when I first heard Martin Garrix’s “Animals”, really inspiring and so much fun. FYPM and Sexy Boi were actually made a pretty long time ago and I’m happy they are finally coming out because I have so much more music I want people to hear already.

What are you hoping that the raving community will vibe with the most on your upcoming EP ‘Slaughterhouse’? 

I hope the raving community will vibe with the new sound of mine but also, I really hope the community will pay attention and give love to the artwork for the singles and EP. It was done my a great Israeli artist and friend of mine, Pupik. You may have seen some of his art at my shows on the big LED screens. It’s really amazing and deserves attention!

Talk to us about the synergies that you have found between Armada Music and your own label Buygore Records. With your fame and sound and uniqueness you could choose to work with anyone really so what made you decide to work with Armada? 

It was quite simple back then and simple again now, Armada just have the nicest people. In the Netherlands, which is already a country full of nice people, it was an easy choice to work with delightful people. Armin is a legend and the music the label releases is always amazing but it’s the people who work there that really make me love working with them and continuing to sign my music.

Bonus Question: 

Top 3 things you like to do after performing a live set at a festival? 

See my close friends that I haven’t seen in a while, either local or international. Party with those friends. Eat my favorite local food


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