Raver:”Do you have any new music coming up?”

Crywolf:”I basically have the whole remix package for Skeletons-the first one actually just dropped today. So I have a whole bunch of acoustic versions coming up and for the last couple of months I’ve been working on a new album.”

Raver: “I had seen where your bag had got stolen in Chile, so you had to rebuild and do everything that you’re doing now from that?”

Crywolf: “Yeah, so basically, like $10,000 worth of stuff got stolen. Equipment and gear and as if the money wasn’t enough it was everything I had been working on for the album, and I had it backed up, but the backups were in the backpack. It wasn’t just all the new stuff that I had made but Skeletons too.”

Raver: “So how did you bounce back from that?”

Crywolf:”I almost went home, to be completely honest. I was so defeated. There were already so many issues with trip to begin with. I was out in the middle of nowhere, and organizing it myself and the logistics. It was like everything was going wrong, trying to figure it out and getting there with all of this equipment. So, it was already this big clusterfuck and then that happened. I was thinking of coming back home but then I was like ‘I have to kick life’s ass right now.’”

Raver: “What role do you think an artist has on society?”

Crywolf: “I’ve given a ton of thought to that because most of my young adult life was spent wanting to get involved in nonprofit work and altruism, and kind of working to improve the world in that way. Hands on, directly working with people. I had moved to (Southern) Sudan when I graduated from high school when I was working to help start schools there, and then I came back and I was studying economics and international relations to study sustainable development in third world countries. So that’s where I got my start and then I had this realization I have the power to change things on a mass scale. I have the potential to do something so much bigger. It’s weird for me I feel like in order to influence the most people I have to completely disregard everybody else and focus only on my own art.”