DVRKO’s is making history with a new sound that few can master. His milestone debut single “This Is How” featuring Sarah De Warren racked up more than 350,000 Spotify streams within the first two weeks of its May 11th release. The Main Mix of “This Is How” was also added to the popular ‘Friday Cratediggers’ Spotify playlist. At the time of release, the combined Spotify monthly listeners of the remixers for “This Is How” came in at over 2.4 million and that was only the beginning for what is setting up to be the establishment of one of the hottest new names in the dance music arena. Additionally, the fully produced music video for DVRKO’s “This Is How” single Is out now and it’s a doozy!

Coming off the success of “This Is How”, DVRKO drops his latest original production,“Lights Up”.

Redemption, Perseverance, Hope, are some of the words that can best describe “Lights Up’’, the summertime, uplifting new track that will literally take your breath away and leave you wanting more.  With soothing vocals and colossal beats this track is perfect for the quarantined season. “Lights Up’” delivers the festival atmosphere that all of us have been desperately craving and it sets the stage for others to follow.

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Raver Magazine Founder and CEO Michael Beas had a chance to catch up withDVRKO for an exclusive interview. This is what he shared up with us.



Photo Credit Kavan The Kid


RAVERMAG: We got a sneak peak at your upcoming single, “Lights Up”! We were only allowed to listen to it once but already we can tell it’s going to be a real hands-in-the-air banger! What went into the production of that song? Who’s the vocalist?


DVRKO: A spark, a bounce, a fade. A cinder moves and ignites, the room is full and everyone has been waiting to see again. We as a species, learned we are weak, and we as humans combined to wake deaf ears. This is lights up, a story of redemption. Print it on sustainable paper and eat the entire page.

RAVERMAG:You seem to be really busy with fellow EDM DJs/producers, though we’re still trying to figure out who you actually are. Your new remix for Cheat Codes featuring Trippie Redd, Blackbear, Prince$$ Rosie, “No Service In The Hills” (DVRKO Remix), is pretty hot! What’s up with you and the other artists on that track? Are you planning more releases with Cheat Codes, Trippie Redd or Prince$$ Rosie?


DVRKO: This involved a write in essay contest and posing as a valid Make a Wish child. Bless their hearts.

RAVERMAG: We need to get to learn about the talent behind the mask. Why the mask?


DVRKO: The mask isn’t a choice. Not on the main stage tonight, it’s empty again. Someone spiked the human punch. Meet me in the champagne room but stay quiet. We learned, after the spike happened nobody wanted to see themselves again. It’s dry out here, I have water. Listen and close the rest.


RAVERMAG: What started you in the music industry? We know from your current release that you’re a producer. Are you also a songwriter/composer? Do you mix/master/engineer your own music?


Photo Credit Kavan The Kid

DVRKO: I didn’t choose, they did. Compression, DAW madness, maybe an entire room of Muffs. I think Ableton stole my identity. Pro-Tools backed him up with Amex. I don’t care.  I consult a feral baker in crisis, it might be him. I delete my life’s work every day to start over. It’s all a beautiful mess and yes. Yes I create. Someone is responsible for this.

RAVERMAG:Do you also DJ? Where/when and at what events in what year(s)?

DVRKO: My hands are still, let the world spin, I always have. Let the dog watch this time. The core of the echo is somewhere beyond, feel your hands and listen. The scratch is a beacon to find the lost for this year and for the next, I will stay with those that hear me. The rest died in the creative fire.

RAVERMAG:For those who may not know you, can you describe your sound?

DVRKO: A top line based on the DVD commentary of a laser disc porno with no audio. I turned on subtitles for life and it won’t stop. Music, compressed synth, ballads for the dead, remakes of unknown songs, neon in perfect tonal balance. Warn them, please.

RAVERMAG: We can’t stop replaying your debut single “This Is How” featuring Sarah De Warren! It’s a great song, very catchy and “of the moment.” Can you talk to us about how you two met to create this master collab? It’s truly a work of art!

DVRKO: It’s a story. We run only back to the same wounds we found with the weapon that inflicted them. Love. I let my parrot watch. It’s a house I lived in. Parrot; his name is Jeff.

RAVERMAG: Any clues to your true identity that music-lovers can glean from “This Is How”? (wink, wink)

DVRKO: If they have been paying attention, they will already know. Let them yell it until you hear, like a bad weekend in an isolation orgy.

RAVERMAG: Aside from the Lamborghini and the extra small whip we believe you may have borrowed from a small child that has been making appearances on your Instagram, what’s your dream car? Also, can Raver Mag drive it?

DVRKO: The engineering is almost done. A large cluster of parrots in the shape of a dirigible. They won’t  expect it, but the cluster will talk about it.

RAVERMAG: Bonus – If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would do?

DVRKO: Sue the lottery for no reason with the sum of all winnings.






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