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by Michael Beas and Kristine Kennedy








There really is no stopping the inexorable force that is EDX. Following on from a truly incredible 2018, which saw him launch a brand new live show concept ‘XIRCUIT’ and receive a Grammy-nomination for his remix of Charlie Puth ‘Who Cares’, Switzerland’s most streamed artist ever now looks set to jumpstart 2019, with the announcement of his brand new original single, ‘Who Cares’.

Out now via Spinnin’ Deep, ‘Who Cares’ sees EDX enter a new sonic space to mark the start of the year, with some of his freshest music to date. Two-step beats, urban vocalists and UK Garage basslines are the order of the day, as the Swiss-Italian maestro explores a fresh musical style and further demonstrates his boundless diversity and versatility in the studio.

‘Who Cares’ comes off the back of a rollercoaster 2018 for EDX, and without doubt one of his most successful years to date. With three Beatport-topping original singles (‘Anthem’, ‘Jaded’ and ‘Sillage’) under his belt — not to mention official remixes for Janelle Monae, David Guetta & Anne-Marie, Bazzi & Camila Cabello and Chromeo & French Montana — the industry veteran is showing no signs of slowing down after more than twenty-five years at the top of his game.

With more new music in the pipeline and an incredible new live show XIRCUIT being rolled out internationally, 2019 looks set to be another one for the books!

 We had the opportunity to chat with Maurizio during Miami Music Week 2019, this is what Here’s what he had to say.

Raver Mag.

What can fans expect from your Asian Tour that is coming up and are you excited about the places that you are going to be visiting soon in Asia?


It’s a big continent, with a lot of cultures and huge diversity. I’m going back to Asia first time this year for a two-weekend tour, starting off in the very quiet and loving place Indonesia, Bali. I will be there for 14 hours, before taking another flight to Tokyo.


I’m really looking forward to my Asia tour where I will be playing four shows in China around Shanghai. Then I’m going to Bangkok for their big holey weekend, which is a huge festival alongside people like Tiesto and so many other producers. From there I going back to Europe around Easter weekend then we will be back in the U.S again.

Raver Mag.

How do you keep it all together being on the road all the time, does it become exhausting?


When it comes to travel, I understand people have issues with the jet lag and the journey, but in my case I just really like to meet people, I love to travel it’s like all on a very kind of balanced level, so for me and my life I love it. 

Raver Mag.

You’re in Miami for Miami Music Week, how do you keep it all together between the parties, your own event and so much going on this week?


It’s quiet blessing.

It’s a journey to be able to do your own music and share it with the world, travel the world meet different cultures, people and it’s like a big, big family here in Miami.

I love Miami Music Week. I meet so many new people and friends that I haven’t seen for over 22 years. All of them they still have the light in their eyes, and are doing things for the love of music. It’s simply amazing to be a partof this family.

Raver Mag.  

Talk you us about your Podcast, No Excuses?



It’s about like a eight years old now, we kicked off the first of April of the first of March 8th


I was actually getting a lot of love for my ‘Angel on My Shoulder’ remix, that I made for Kaskade and for my own originals out in the U.S.

I have a lot of love in Europe and I was like how can we give something back to the fans, so we came up with the radio show. It’s also a good way to look for new fresh music and also a good way to stay connected to the fans.


Bonus Question


If you can play anywhere in the world that is out of the normal, where would it be, and why?



Great question: If I could pick any place in the world it would be in the Alps with a private deck overlooking the mountains and the sky with a small group of fans, maybe a 100 people or so. It would be out of this world. Total euphoria! 

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