Hey John! Welcome to Raver Mag! Where are we speaking to you from?

Nice to speak to you! I am currently in the music capital of Germany: Berlin!

You have a new track out on Sirup Music called ‘Neverland’ with EROS & Raïko. How did this collaboration come about and what was the recording process like?
The process was smooth as eggs. EROS reached out to me with a well rounded production, already with Raiko’s vocals on them. I added my magic to it and brought it over the finish line. The song has 2 layers in terms of meaning. 1 is super obvious if you just listen to the lyrics, the second one goes way deeper into Raiko’s emotional universe. 

How did you get into the music world? Did you always want to become a producer?
I used to play in a lot of punk bands. My aunt ignited the fire by gifting me an acoustic guitar with Nirvana’s Nevermind album. Around 2015, I decided to dive into the EDM scene, back then the Soundcloud tropical house scene (still remember that time so vividly). I took some time off to finish my Bachelors and decided to fully embrace my music career in March 2021. Trust me when I say this is only the start of something big. 

What has been your biggest moment of your career to date?
A few of them this year: Hearing a song of mine on the radio for the first time, being supported by role models & just having a viral song on YouTube. 

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
Since I love talking to a lot of people, and I am fuelled by collaboration, my list is virtually endless. But just to name a few, Madism, Anthony Keyrouz and Carstn. 

Favorite track of the moment?
Only Way by Natio / Nina Carr
Hit me Up by Kaan Pars, D. Polo, Koa

When you are not in the studio, or DJing, how do you like to spend your time?
Since I finished my Bachelor with a focus on marketing, I am really interested in the current world of e-commerce, NFTs and the crypto sphere. If not in front of the laptop, I really enjoy a good workout. Healthy body, healthy mind eh!

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?
Rick Rubin, Mark Ronson, Scott Storch, Kenny Beats, my mom. Really anybody with an eclectic taste, risk-takers and with a long-term mindset. 

What advice do you have for aspiring DJs and producers? 
Work with a lot of people. That’s how you learn and progress the most. AND even more important: finish songs even if you think they suck. Release them even though you think they suck. You will always think they suck. So you might as well get some reactions from the real world and get out of your head. Show the world who you are from the beginning. 

What shows do you have lined up? Any plans to come to the US? 
– The pandemic makes it hard to predict any shows, but there are already more songs lined up AND I might have a follow-up with Raiko. But psssht…you didnt hear that from me.

– Got a lot of friends in the states and hope travelling will be easier in summer 2022 so I can finally meet everyone in real life. 

Thanks for chatting to us today! All the best with the release. 

Pleasure was all mine!

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