Photo Courtesy of The Chippendales

Jordan Kimball of “Bachelor in Paradise” and “The Bachelorette” chatted with Markos Papadatos about his upcoming shows at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where he will serve as a celebrity guest host of The Chippendales this Valentine’s Day.

He is encouraging all of his fans to come out and have a good time with him. “Bring a big group of friends and come and hang out. There will be roses, rose petals and funny moments,” he said. “There will be many moments that the Internet will be talking about later on. It will be an epic evening each night.”

Kimball’s shows will take place on two days: February 14 and 15, and he will be hosting two shows each day (8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.). “They are a cool group of guys, and they will put on a great show that will be electric. It will be high-energy, and it will be a great way to spend Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas,” Kimball said. “I think it will be a lot of fun. Don’t be surprised if we end up overdelivering with this show.”

Kimball is excited to be wearing the Chippendales classic cufflinks and bowtie. “I just busted them out today, and it is really fun. It is going to be a great time,” he said. “Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas will be awesome,” he added.

On his plans for 2020, he said, “You will continue to see me on TV. I am going to continue cracking jokes and being very competitive. I am going to continue to do brand work. Life is good and exciting. I am very optimistic. I am always very ambitious and driven. I will keep popping up and surprising everyone.”

When asked about being a personality in the digital age, he said, “It’s cool. I run myself like a brand. My business is my name, which is synonymous. As a model, you operate like a micro-brand.”

On staying in top-notch physical shape, he said, “The hard thing is staying in shape all year round. Obviously, I want to eat all the food during the holidays. It’s about doing 22 minutes of cardio in every workout and making sure you are getting your heart rate up, and that makes a difference. You just hop on a bike or a treadmill and that’s how it works.”

For hopefuls who wish to go on such shows as Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorette, he said, “You have to put yourself totally out there. You need to be yourself and you need to be honest. You also need to have really low expectations. Be yourself and make sure this is something that you are really into.”

Regarding the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, “How to be legendary.” “I’ve done four shows with ABC and you will see me pop back on TV soon. It’s all very good and positive. I will keep being optimistic and unpredictable,” he said.

Kimball defined the word success as “being really tuned in to what you want and accomplishing that, and not being boastful about it.”

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