Exclusive Interview With ManyFew On Their First Single Of 2022 – Fire In Da House

    RM: Hey ManyFew! Welcome to Raver Mag! Where are we speaking to you from?

    MF: Hey! Thank you, we are currently in Stockholm 🙂

    RM: Congratulations on your new single Fire In Da House! Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration and also about the production process?

    MF: We love the sounds from the 90s and we’ve been listening to lots of dance music from that era recently. After a night out in the end of 2021 we went straight back to the studio after getting some inspiration. We really like the sounds of rave music and we wanted to blend in some parts of that in to this track as well.

    RM: You self released this one on ManyFew Records. Is this your first single on your own imprint?

    MF: Actually we have been releasing music on our own label before, last time was in 2020 with a track called ‘On My Own’, but with this release we are putting more effort into it.

    RM: The new single has seen some great initial support! Do you guys still have to pinch yourself when it comes to seeing who is supporting?

    MF: Yes indeed, every single time it feels absolutely amazing to get support from those DJs that we’ve been looking up to and from radio stations we always been listening to. We still listen to radio a lot and every single time we hear our music being on air, that makes us so happy. Also to hear that people appreciate what we’re doing feels great! 🙂

    RM: You have released some massive dance tunes in your time! Which track do you feel embodies ManyFew the most?

    MF: Thank you! We feel that all tracks we’ve released so far have got a ManyFew characteristic to it. We love the blend between house music and the more commercial touch as well. It’s hard to just pick one track, we think all of our songs embody ManyFew in one way or another.

    RM: If you weren’t to produce dance music, what other genre do you think you would create?

    MF: I think we would have been producing Pop and R’n’B/Hiphop. We always listened to those genres growing up and have influenced our artist journey massively.

    RM: What else have you got coming up this year?

    MF: We’re very excited for this year 🙂 We’re working on lots of new music and are also planning our tour.  We’re also extra pumped for our radio show ‘Electronic Heaven’ this year since we have a redesigned out cover art and over 1 million monthly listeners. Regarding new music, we’re right working on a song that will be out on Tiësto’s label Musical Freedom later this year.

    RM: What keeps you motivated and inspired?

    MF: We get inspired by lots of different things, everything from listening to new music on the radio to visiting vibrant cities around the globe. Music is our biggest passion so the motivation comes very naturally we would say. Traveling and meeting new people keeps us motivated too.

    RM: Have you been to any music events already this year?

    MF: Actually not! Nightclubs are still temporary closed due to covid in Stockholm, but luckily they will open again next week. We’ll soon go to London and stay for a while so our next music event will happen there 🙂

    RM: What has been the best show you have ever attended?

    MF: A few years back we attended an intimate show by Rihanna. She was going to release an album and was teasing her new music before it was released. That was a pretty cool party!

    RM: Will we see you guys in the US sometime this year?

    MF: We’re currently planning our tour for this year and we can’t wait to perform in the States very soon. We absolutely love spending time in the US 🙂

    RM: Thanks guys!

    MF: Thank you for having us!

    Stream/purchase ‘Fire In Da House’ 

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