Exclusive Interview with Multi Platinum Award Winning Artist VASSY On Her Latest Single with Outgang and TwoWorldsApart Called, ‘OXYGEN’

Multi Platinum award winning artist VASSY returns with her latest single Oxygen’co-produced by Outgang of the Showtek brothers and DJ/producer duo TwoWorldsApart. Raver Magazine CEO – Michael Beas had a chance to catch up with VASSY on her latest single that topping the charts all over the world, this is what she shared up with: 
What was the experience like to create ‘Oxygen’ with TwoWorldsApart and Outgang, especially during the pandemic, how did it all come together, Vassy responded by saying; “Seeing as Outgang and I have history together having created BAD with David Guetta… I was in a bit of a funk earlier this year going through a bad time with an injury. We were talking on the phone about working on some other ideas and he heard Oxygen and liked it. I said it’s pretty dark because I think I was depressed at the time not being able to walk, and stuck inside without being able to see people because of a pandemic. The injury lasted for six months and I felt like I was drowning and needed to come up for air. The result was creating ‘Oxygen’ which together with my German friends TwoWorldsApart came into existence. It was fun and a blessing that got me excited about creating music again. I wanted to create something super soulful and go back to my roots of music which I am passionate about.”

I then asked her about the lyrics behind the track, they are so moving and hit home on many levels. What does ‘Oxygen’ mean to you personally and what is the one take away that you hope your fans embrace from this song? 
She’s responded by saying “the the song can be interpreted in different ways. This is always what I like for my listeners, essentially you could say it’s a love song that gives someone a lifeline. That person is the the reason you want to breathe or you want to be their air, the reason they breathe metaphorically speaking it’s about survival needing to come up for air finding that catalyst in your life that helps you feel alive again. That catalyst can be a Person, Love, Family, Inspiration, Health, Creativity that makes you feel like you can breathe again. It has a deeper side to it for myself obviously, but for my fans I just want them to feel good and feel the passion and pain in the lyrics.”
When talking about her health I asked how are you feeling especially with issues with pertaining to your foot and staying sane during the pandemic?  
” I fell into depression, it was awful, I was miserable and in pain and not able to walk for six months.  It’s taken me a lot of work to come out of it and be where I am today, although still not resolved, I am doing lots of therapy for it but I count my blessings I’ll take this any day over being trapped inside and not able to move or see family.”

2020 has taught us a lot of things that most could never even fathom into existence, I asked her what it taught VASSY as a person and life as a whole?  
“She said, I spent time with myself and in doing things that I like to do that make me feel good, like spending lots of time outdoors. Being outdoors has been my saving grace, being in nature has been a thing that has helped me as I can’t see love ones and then when I was stuck at home not able to move not being mobile really sucks and with the pandemic it’s hard to have people around you so I spent a lot of time being outdoors as soon as I was able to move. I also did a few road trips, taking a chair and sitting in a park with lots of coastal drives, whatever it is, just being one with nature is so healing and grounding for the soul the mind…” 
Going to a perfect world where we can all go back to touring and raving what are the top 3 places that you would like to perform ‘Oxygen’ live? 
“VASSY said,  I would love to perform them anywhere at this point, it has been so long not being able to perform for people, but if I had to choose I would say Mexico, Florida, and somewhere in Europe,  not being picky at this point though. LOL”

Bonus Question:

What are your Top 3 must see series that you watched during the pandemic?
“Oh my goodness I binged on everything but ozark, homeland security, Jack Ryan, Teran, and The Durells of Corfu…. and many others, don’t forget I was stuck at home immobile so lots of TV watching… I can’t wait to get back on tour for all of my friends, family and fans and I thank everyone for their support.


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