Exclusive Interview with Sigma and Their New Track ‘Anywhere’
Party People if you haven’t listened yet… NOW is the time to do so!  This Monday we bring you a new single of the week from master producers, Sigma. You may remember them most for the video for “Find Me”  from 2016 featuring Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven from Stranger Things).  They’ve since moved in a different direction with their sound and we know this is right vibe to get your week started.
Sigma -“Anywhere”
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The single comes off the new album that Sigma is currently hard at work on in the studio. Raver Mag. caught up with Sigma for an Exclusive Interview, check it below to see what they shared up with us…
Raver Mag. 
How did the duo name Sigma come about? 
Every act gets to the point of release or first gig and has to come up with a name… At that point everything you can think of doesn’t sound too great! Sigma seemed to stick so we went with it! No regrets .. Kind of wish there was more of an exciting story around it!
Raver Mag. 
You’ve recently moved your sound in a different direction from the that of the past, how and why did this change come about and what goals do you guys have set for the rest of 2018 and beyond? 
We didn’t make a conscious effort to change up the sound. We write music that we like and we love Anywhere. We don’t feel music should be confined by genres. The single before this was a 140 trap/ hip hop tune! Moving forward we will be spanning more genres and switching it up, watch this space!
Raver Mag. 
You’ve 10 consecutive Radio 1 playlist singles. That is no small task to accomplish. What do you feel is the number 1 reason why fans connect with your music? 
Our music has a bit of a feel good factor to them and the core songs are usually pretty catchy. We have been very blessed to have some of the best fans around who support what we do. Radio plays a big part in building a record so we value the support from all radio stations world wide.
Raver Mag. 
Every track has a story, a way that it came about. Talk to us about “Anywhere” how did it come about and what are some things that you would like your fans to know about this track vs. the other sounds you’ve come up with in the past. 
There wasn’t any sort of big decision to switch up our sound and to us all our music is just Sigma music! 
Anywhere was a song we wrote with three other writers in the UK who are all killing it in their own right. We jammed in the studio and turned a slower version of Anywhere into the club record it is now. We hope you guys like it! 
Raver Mag. 
Talk to us about the new music that you are working on. When do you feel there will be a complete album and will you guys be touring short after? 
The whole way music is consumed has changed since we released ‘Life’. We would love to do another album and feel we will. But first we are planning to release regular singles. We make a lot of music and can’t wait to start releasing more for you guys to get your ears around! We are constantly touring, this summer is a bit of a mad one! But we love it! 
Bonus Question: 
List the top three things you guys like to do on your off time that you would like your fans to know about. 
We try and catch up on doing normal things. It’s good to normalise after a tour or whatever and get back to reality. 
– Listen to Jazz… Seriously! 
– We love our cars so spend a bit of time having fun in them!
– We love to eat! Always nice to check our new places and discovering new cuisine.